What would you do?

Did the poll feature get disabled? I wanted to use that, but this will have to do instead!

What would you do in this situation? An employee is in a minor car wreck, and does not appear for work for a few consecutive days (EE follows correct call-in procedures). Employer learns that the employee is seeking legal action against the other party involved in the crash. Employee calls her supervisor after 4 days off of work, stating "she needs to speak to someone about her rights under FMLA, specifically job protection for seeking care for her own serious medical condition." (actual quote from employee) Employer's HR Manager calls the employee, inquiring about nature of medical condition, to which the employee states, "I cannot provide you with that information. My physician will need to, and she has been alerted that she needs to provide a medical certification." Employee declines to engage in any conversation about estimated time off, diagnosis, number of treatments, etc.

What would you do? I've already addressed the situation, but I'd like to hear others' opinions...


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