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Does anyone here have contact info for a top-notch Profiles International rep? I've been trying for months to have them contact me for a demo, but to no avail.


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  • Frank, I have been working with Profiles Internation for several years now. Their number is 1.800.767.3995. Ask for Max at ext #185. Tell him Doug from Callaway gave you his name and number. If he doesn't immediatley hang up on you it should go well.....
  • Thanks Dutch! I committed months ago to trying an alternate vendor for pre-hire testing and for our employee satisfaction surveys, but I haven't been able to get PI to call me back!

    What products do you use? You've been with them awhile - I take it you're happy with them...
  • We are currently using their Step One Survey, Customer Service Perspective, Sales Indicator and Managment Perspective. Each survey is designed for different job responsibilites. We have been with them since January 2008 and are very happy with their products and especially happy with their customer service. I called Max to inform them that PI had not contacted you. He asked that I give you his personal emial address: [email][/email] and he will contact you. Let me know if I can do anything else to help with this.
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