Donated Vacation Days

I have a valuable, hourly employee who's spouse has a medical condition requiring her to stay home with him right now. She has used up all of her paid time off for the year. Other staff members want to donate their vacation days to her so she can get paid and keep up with her insurance premiums through payroll deduction.

Does anyone see an issue in allowing this?

The company will not solicite the donations but would come strictly through "word of mouth".


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  • Do your policies address this at all? Many companies allow donated time, but you need to set some guidelines if you want to follow suit.

    For instance, will the hours go across as hour for hour, or dollar value for dollar value? Will you have a limit on how many hours an employee can donate? Receive? What if more hours are donated than needed? Will you allow this every time it comes up for a specific employee, or will you limit to once per year or some other time limit?

    As you can see, there are many things to consider. I would look at the companies you compete with (for employees) and see what they are doing. This is a nice benefit, and one that can be easily managed with little or no cost to the employer (usually).

    Good luck!

  • We do allow this. Employees may donate vacation leave to someone who needs additional sick leave. The donors have to keep at least 40 hours of sick leave and the recipient must be out of sick leave and have no more than 40 hours of vacation leave. We convert the donated leave to the recipient's salary using a simple formula. Both the recipient and the donor may remain anonymous unless they give us permission to release their names. All that said, we allow employees to use up to 80 hours of sick leave for care of a family member (by policy) and they cannot use more than that under any circumstances. They can, however, use LWOP or VL. Of course, this may be an FMLA situation and you will want to consider that as well.

    I would be happy to give you any additional information if you would find it helpful. Good luck!
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