Still good but ....

Our controller in our accounting department has been with us for 12 years. He has always been an excellent employee until a few years ago when his wife passed away and now is becoming less and less of a good employee. Gradually he has gotten to the point he will not take on new tasks, has all but failed to cross train another employee and he likes to pick the easier jobs to work on while letting the others go. He does this is a passive way and he would never say he will not do anything you ask but never the less does not get done what he is asked to do.

We are aware of some medical issues he has and we have tried to help by encouraging him to see his doctor on a regular basis. It appears that he does not take care of himself either with diet or medication like he should.

We feel that with a possible job change he could once again become an effective employee. Our company pays all employees by the hour so if we move him to a lesser position, whether in accounting or another dept., he will be in a job which pays a smaller hourly wage. Can we lower his wage because of his new position or must we continue paying him his current rate?

Any and all help is appreciated.


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