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Opinions please, O Wise Ones. Have group of municipal ee's required to work 10 hours per day, 4 days per week. When a day's vacation is taken 10 hours are deducted from vacation bank. What would be the appropriate pay for a paid holiday? 10 hours or 8 hours?


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  • Ten hours. We are a state agency and have people who work 8, 10 and 12 hour days. The holiday is however many hours they normally work. If you work four 9s and a 4 and the holiday falls on your 4 hour day, you get a 4 hour holiday.
  • Agreed. We pay for the number of hours the employee would normally have worked had the day not been a holiday.
  • For our nonbargaining folks (mainly supervisors), we pay the number of hours they are scheduled to work. However, for our union-represented employees, we only pay for 8 hours of holiday leave. The employee has the option during a holiday week to switch to a five 8-hour day schedule or charge the additional two hours of holiday leave to their vacation leave.
  • Same here. We have a few working different schedules such as 10 hrs - 4 days a week. If a holiday falls on one of the four days, we pay them for the number of hours they were scheduled to work on that day so their total hours paid for the week will remian fairly constant for them.
  • I think the key word here is 'required.' Employees who have to work 32 hours to get 8 hours off might resent employees who only work 30 hours to get 10 hours off. And if you use an accrual system for your holiday pay, giving 4 day workweek employees 10 hours of holiday pay could be a nightmare.

    But in Joannie's case the employees are 'required' to have 4 day workweeks. It doesn't seem fair to charge them 2 hours of vacation leave every time a a holiday rolls around when they don't have a choice as to their schedule.

    We have employees who are on a reduced schedule at their request. They work half time (one week on then one week off), so when a holiday comes around they get paid 4 hours of holiday pay and must take 4 hours of leave. They don't like it, and I don't blame them, but it is the fairest thing if you consider our other employees. If we required this schedule, I would certainly look at it differently.

    Just my 2 cents.
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