Slow Year

Pretty dull around here so far this year.


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  • Frank, you changed your avatar -- result of a New Year's resolution of some sort? tk
  • Frank,

    Did someone hit you in the side of the head with a snowball or are you molting? :D

  • I took a header off a snowboard.

    I would say my New Year's resolution is to have more fun this year, but I actually started it last fall. I'm trying to find those activities I enjoyed as a kid, and do more of them now. Less sedentary fun, and more play. So, in the last five months, I've gone on long bicycle rides, taken picnic lunches to the park, went sledding, bowled a few times, and sat down in the woods just to watch the bugs and stuff. Yeah, I still enjoy finding an old song I haven't heard in ages and downloading it through iTunes, but quite honestly, I think that time would be better spent blowing up Matchbox cars with firecrackers.
  • Et tu, Brutus? Please don't tell us you bought a Crossfire.;)
  • I already have a red Mustang convertible. I don't need a Crossfire.
  • Frank,
    That sounds like a great resolution -- be it New Years or late summer. I'm hoping to do some sledding soon myself. It was my favorite winter activity when I was a kid. I haven't gotten to do it since college when we would use the trays from the cafeteria. Like most of the country, we are at the beginning of what looks to be a long cold spell with the possibility of snow later this week. If it snows, I'm so going sledding.

  • Celeste lets please not talk about the weather. It has warmed up to 5 degrees (feels like -6) and we have a couple of feet of snow on the ground. The Christmas blizzard did come to a stop, but it keeps snowing and the artic blast is making things much colder. If it is like this in Kansas I don't even want to think about how it is up north. Brrrrr. Let's talk summer vacations instead. What are everyone's plans?
  • Nae - please send some warmer weather our way! It's been single digits to low teens here in mid-MO for serveral days. Weather dudes are saying snow starting by mid day with 4-6 inches accumulation. Not supposed to get above freezing for the next week. Global warming?
  • Dutch, I don't have any warmer weather to send you though it did actually get up to 20 yesterday. (woo-hoo!). It looks like we are going to get the same storm too as we are expecting the snow to start again today and continue on through tomorrow. We expect to get around 5 inches. The real fun will be Friday and Saturday when the lows drop to -8 and -10.

    I saw on the weather channel that this cold is actually due to global warming. They said the result of global warming is unprecedented weather patterns, and that we are stuck in an artic cold system because it is unusually warm in Greenland. The warm high pressure there is keeping the cold weather from moving east as it should, which forces it down on top of us. Global warming or not, I say let the cold air move east and give us all a break!
  • And here I sit in Alaska, where everyone expects lots of cold &'s 8:15 a.m. and already 42 degrees (that's ABOVE zero, not below).
  • [quote=cnghr;718683]And here I sit in Alaska, where everyone expects lots of cold &'s 8:15 a.m. and already 42 degrees (that's ABOVE zero, not below).[/quote]

    42 degrees in Alaska, in January? That's downright balmy.

    I'm jealous. It's been low teens at night and mid to high twenties during the day here in Middle Tennessee for about a week and I'm ready for the temp to get back up to normal for this time of year -- 42 degrees, in January!

  • Yeah, this part of Alaska isn't as cold as further up north and it's not unusual for us to have temps in the 40's off and on all winter. Growing up here, I remember being bummed so many Christmases because when you're a child, Christmas is [U]supposed[/U] to be snowy and more often than not, it's in the high-30's to mid-40's and raining for Christmas.

    We do endure a LOT of rain here, but like my husband always says, you don't have to shovel rain, and when other parts of the country are like a deep-freeze we actually appreciate the fact that it's just raining here!
  • We haven't had our usual rain here in Washington State for two days, but the dry spell will be over tomorrow. It is still in the 50's though.
  • Okay, another "global warming" update: it's 5 p.m. and it's almost 50 degrees early January. Usually it cools off after the sun goes down, but today it's actually gotten warmer. Granted, the wind is gusting about 30 mph, but it still feels pretty darned warm out there!
  • -1 at almost 9am here, with a low tonight expected of around -15. That is actual temp, not wind shield temps. Those are expected to be 15-25 degrees colder.

    Cold weather has made some employees grumpy, so the weather is not the only thing sending out 'cold' and 'frosty' messages. Brrrrr
  • Grumpy employees... yea.. it must be the weather.
    I heard a comment yesterday that went something like: "Temp of 5 degrees today - wind chill feels like -12. Isn't that like saying: 100% chance of rain today - with an umbrella it feels dry."
  • Well in Louisiana we expect 40-50 degrees in the winter, and it is supposed to get down in the teens tonight, after only getting up to 32 today. No global warming here.
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