Laid back resume

I just got a resume for an opening in a quiet, administrative office - a professional environment. Never mind that the ad specifically said to be considered you have to complete the online job app, and that e-mailed, mailed, or walk-in resumes will not be considered.

First, the resume lists a few assorted fast food and warehouse jobs. No dates of employment. No list of job duties. Just things like: [I]Burger King - cook[/I]. There is a one-line objective: [I]To find a job where I can rock out[/I]. And finally, his "Outside Interests" are: [I]Hanging out with friends and just chillin'[/I].

Out of curiosity, I asked the employee who took the resume to tell me more about this guy. Oh - he didn't come in. He waited in the car while his mom came in to drop it off.

I think I should hire him to work as Paul's assistant. Any thoughts on that?


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