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Remember my employee with the work comp electrocution (while changing a light bulb)?

Shortly after that, she was hospitalized for 2 weeks with 'possible' H1N1. I believe her test results were misplaced.

Last week, she went for a walk after work and got trapped by flash flooding (without her cell phone) and spent the night wet and freezing. She was hospitalized until Saturday morning.

Today, she went to her cardiologist to get a "fitness for duty" certification that would allow her to drive on sales calls. On her way back to work, she got a flat tire. While changing it, she started having chest pains and a passer-by - who also happens to work for us - called an ambulance. She's in the ICU right now. She says the doctor gave her the release, but she can't find it. Also, the passer-by says the flat tire had been changed by the time she drove by and saw the 'incident'.

Uh, yeah.

I don't really have a question or anything. I just want the rest of you to feel sorry for me for a few minutes.


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  • Hospitalized for 2 weeks with "possible" H1N1? C'mon, unless you're having really severe symptoms of some sort, most doctors (around here, anyhow) are telling people not to even bother to come in to the doctor's office or ER and just to stay home for seven days. And then all the other stuff about the flash flood, flat tire, chest pains, lost fitness-for-duty certification...if she's really going to the hospital this often (and isn't just making it up to get out of work) then I would think at some point the doctors would order a psych evaluation on her. If it were all for things related to an ongoing condition or problem, it might not look so suspicious, but all these odd and unrelated illnesses/accidents/acts of God - what's next? Complete amnesia? Multiple personality disorder? Alien abduction?Demonic possession?

    You have my sympathy, and I'm feeling grateful that out of the assorted problem employees I've dealt with over the years, none have been anywhere near that bad!
  • [quote=ACU Frank;718152]

    I don't really have a question or anything. I just want the rest of you to feel sorry for me for a few minutes.[/quote]

    Gee Frank, I thought dealing with those kinds of problems was why you got paid the big bucks.8-|
  • Well, I know that's what I agreed to, but everyone else here gets paid similarly and they don't have to mess with this stuff.

    I want a new deal!
  • I always feel sorry for you Frank. If that makes you feel better.
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