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Is there a thread missing here? I remember something about someone in Texas having issues with bilingual employees not using understandable grammar. I know the poster received a couple cheap shots, so is that why it got removed? Or was it too sensitve a subject? Or am I imagining this whole thing?

If the answer is "C", it won't be the first time.


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  • Hmmm...I noticed the same thing. It's a shame things can't be openly disucssed among adults without being censored.
  • Anyone in HR knows you shouldnt jump to conclusions so it would be nice to have an explanation from forum admin before we begin making assumptions.

    I didnt see the thread so I dont know how bad it got.

    Personally, I figure leave the stuff up. Let people have to stand by their words, ill-chosen and offensive or not.

    There is probably a very rare time when its appropriate to totally delete a post that is over the top or defamatory but that should be a last resort.

  • Without more information on the topic, I'm not sure exactly which thread you are referring to, but there was one on March 19, 2007 in the HR and Employment Law section on "Speaking English Only at Work." There was also another one in that section on Sept. 29, 2006, titled "English and Applications."

    Neither were from Texas, but there were forumites from Texas who posted to the first of those messages.

    If you'll tell me more about the content of the thread or how long ago it appeared, I'll try to help you find it.

  • You're right - it is missing!!! It was about how a client was complaining that the company's employee was not using correct grammar in correspondence documents/letters/etc. The employee in question had English as a second language, if I remember correctly.

    Very strange.
  • The subject had the word "grammer" which I thought was strange becuase they were referring to proper "grammAr" yet misspelled the word.
  • To add to what NeedCoffee said, the issue was that the client's customers couldn'nt understand the bilingual employees because of poor grammar and wanted some insight on what to do. The thread was originated by someone in Texas and was a new thread posted up on April 9th or 10th of this year.

    Hope that helps, Wendy. I know in the past, there have been threads that got inadvertantly dropped into cyberspace and then they somewhat got restored. I was just curious. No witch hunt intended.
  • Well, I've been the Forum Moderator since Monday and I can assure you I haven't deleted or moved any threads or posts (unless it was something I did accidentally and didn't know I did).

    I'll keep looking into it. If it was deleted, maybe that person can try to post again.
  • I'd be interested in Larry's definition of "cheap shots".
  • Greetings to all, and thanks for not jumping to conclusions about the missing thread. I remember seeing it, too. And to confirm what Wendi said, we didn't delete it. If the poster deleted it because of the misspelling, I hope he or she will return soon. None of us is perfect. Well, except maybe for Wendi, who has done such a good job as Forum monitor this week, we're instantly awarding her another week in the role! tk
  • So Wendi if there is any lesson to be learned from this is that if you do a crappy job as forum moderator, they won't make you keep doing it.

    If any thread should be deleted, it would be the stupid "threads that wont die" over in the Har De Har Har forum.

    If certain sums of money were to be sent to certain paypal accounts, it could be arranged for certain forum members to begin complaining about your role as forum moderator thus liberating you from said duty.
  • I'll have to check my bank account and get back to you on that Paul.

    But how could I really pass up the fun of spending a week every couple of months or so moderating the forum? I'd have to find some other form of entertainment to distract me from editing employment law newsletters and HR Hero Line.

    I do hope we solve this mystery about the missing thread.
  • Paul might accept Twinkies as payment. I'm trying to bribe him into being my friend again, by offering Twinkies. So far it's not working.
  • OK everyone, I looked back through my email. Yes, there was a thread on bilingual grammar posted this week. No, it's not here anymore. Since the poster hasn't asked why it was removed, I assume he or she deleted it himself or herself.

    And Tony, no amount of flattery is getting you out of forum duty next week :)
  • I didn't think a poster was "allowed" electronically to remove their own posts? Seems there have been some changes that have been kept quiet, removing posts and no more access to emoticons.
  • What the... ???

    I thought I removed Ray!
  • No, Paul lets me borrow his superhero outfit occasionally so I have the ability to keep coming back even after being killed off, just like in the comic books.
  • The Forum's Freddy Krueger...
  • It is Friday the 13th, after all!
  • Let's not assume please. Did they delete it or not? I would also like to know how I could delete an entire post. That should ONLY be forum moderator option. Please explain.
  • I think Smace smells a cover up.

    When I went to try to delete one of my own threads (Son of Thread) I couldn't figure out how you do it.

    That doesn't mean its not possible but it wasn't apparent to me at least.

    Now that the Imus scandal is winding down, we need something new to talk about.

    ThreadGate 07!
  • Ooooooh - I like the sound of that!

    I would really like to see that thread go back up because we have similar problems at our company, and I was hoping the thread could help give me some good ideas.

    It would be a shame to have something that could have helped others go away so mysteriously.....
  • I'm the forum moderator once every couple of months or so and there is plenty about the more technical aspects of it that I'm not as involved in and don't know as much about. And I want to make sure I give you the correct information in response to your question.

    The problem is that the people I need to confirm that with are not available today. I or someone else will get back with the answer by the first of next week.
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  • Paul, are you practicing your deletions, or what?
  • Paul, for once in your life you are making sense. That post said volumes.
  • Smartest thing I've seen from Paul in ages.

  • Technically I deleted my own post to make it look like I was being censored. I like to feed paranoia when I can.

    I am attempting to position myself as the Rev. Sharpton of ThreadGate 2007.
  • Hello again, sorry to be so long in responding, but we've been trying to figure out what caused the missing thread to disappear. I was incorrect earlier when I suggested that the poster might have deleted it. That is still impossible. My bad. As Paul has shown, you can edit out the contents, but the thread's title and other formatting will still remain. So the upshot is, we still don't know where the missing thread went. None of us deleted it intentionally, and we hope we didn't do so accidentally.

    When a new thread is posted, the weekly Forum monitor receives an automatic notification that contains the thread and its contents. Because last week's monitor Wendi Watts still hadn't cleaned out her leftover e-mails, we were able to retrieve the message. Here it is, with a couple of minor edits (for example, I've corrected the spelling of the word "grammar").
    "Bilingual Grammar"
    Posted by RACarson

    We hired 16 bilingual (Spanish/English) employees for a new client 90 days ago. The client is now stating that the grammar of some of the employees is not proper or professional and is not being understood by English speaking customers. Do you have any suggestions on correcting grammar usage of employees who speak English as a 2nd language? Documenting/ corrective action plan?
    I am going to restart the "Bilingual Grammar" thread on RACarson's behalf and sincerely hope that (1) it doesn't disappear again and (2) some of you will chime in with advice. On Thursday, the "Missing Thread" thread will be moved to the "How to Use the Forum" section. Please let all your friends know so that no one will feel the need to start a "Missing 'Missing Thread'" thread!

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know.

    Tony Kessler, 615/661-0249, ext. 8068

  • That does it! I'm starting my own Forum!


    Oh, wait a minute. I think that was already done a few years ago.

  • Here it is, with a couple of minor edits (for example, I've corrected the spelling of the word "grammar").
    Seeeeeeeee, Paul? There ARE people out there like me! x:D Tony is my new hero.

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