...So, If I'm offended by the masterbation post...?



  • These forums are for the people that post. You seem to be the authority on what this and other forums should be. Why is that your job? This forum can be what I want. If the owners don't like it, they can kick me off. If the posters don't like it they can ignore me.

    If I see crap I'll say it. Some people don't like it some people do.

  • Other than me posting my opinion here like you do, where have I said I am the authority on this forum or any others?
  • That kind of behavior goes against
    >what forums like this are all about.

    Here's where I got it.

  • "Many of us consider the Employers Forum to be an extension of our workplace, or like a meeting of HR professionals. So we think general business etiquette should apply to the Forum the same as it does in your workplace.

    Yes, many HR professionals have thick skins, but we all have feelings, too. We don't want to offend or scare off people who belong here."

    Smace - This comes straight from the HR HERO Forum FAQ section.

    Why is showing some common courtesy and professional respect to other posters such a difficult concept to understand?

  • What is going on with this thread? one day all of the posts are here, the next all of the posts and posts relating to what had been written by (Gene) TNHR are gone, the next day some of Gene's posts are back and others are not. What's up with that? What list do you have to be on so that what you say is not censored?
  • Math isn't my best subject but all the posts, including Gene's, seem to be accounted for 1-35.

    If there is a list which immunizes one from being censored, I'm not on it.
  • >What is going on with this thread? one day all
    >of the posts are here, the next all of the posts
    >and posts relating to what had been written by
    >(Gene) TNHR are gone, the next day some of
    >Gene's posts are back and others are not.
    >What's up with that?

    Pixie, we haven't deleted any posts in this thread. You can tell because there aren't any missing numbers.

    >What list do you have to
    >be on so that what you say is not censored?

    It's easy to get on the "uncensored list." You're already on it. So are 99 percent of other Forum members. Just refrain from inappropriate posts like rude personal attacks - it's that simple.

    James Sokolowski
  • Hmm, interesting......I wasn't the only one who noticed that for at least several days all posts were gone.........hmmm. Yet, when I asked for an explanation, that thread got deleted.

    I'll ask again the rationale behind the censorship. I find it an amazing coincidence that the threads did not come back until today, AFTER, I made my so-called "inappropriate and inflamatory" request.
  • I'm not sure what Pixie was referring to (and you can see from previous posts that we couldn't find anything amiss after checking into her question). But this afternoon, shortly after one of your posts was "censored", something on the Forum messed up and we lost all posts from January 2004 until now. We had to rebuild the server to restore those. It was just a coincidence ... no conspiracy theory needed. As Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman say, "that myth is busted."
  • Christy, Christy, Christy.......You've always tried to placate me by playing me for a fool. The posts were gone long before "today when my posts were censored".

    Typical non-sense, non-fact-based answer to a legitimate concern. We've gone in circles over this for the past few years. I'm upset at myself for thinking anything has changed over here.

    Try again, Christy.
  • Okay - here's a rant...

    Who said this forum was only for those who are thick skinned? Who said this forum is a place for people to call others out? Who said this forum is meant for people to tell it like it is & da*& the consequences? Where did people get this information? Is it in some sort of handbook that didn't come with my membership package?

    Aluminumboy/steeleboy was unfairly treated in my opinion. Yes, his comments were inflammatory - but where was the discussion? The responses from others were quick to the attack & just as quickly dissolved into tit for tat name calling and one-up-manship.

    I've been involved in some controversial threads & I've dished it out - sometimes with provocation and sometimes without. I have said some mean things to others & stood my ground on points until someone cried uncle - usually me, but sometimes not. I've offended most of the old-timers on the forum & I've been offended by them. Eventually, I had to ask myself for what purpose? I felt like crap & I know I did not represent myself in a way that I would have in a professional environment. For that & because I started a new job, I took a long hiatus from the forum. I come back with a perspective that says, why do we need to be mean to each other to make a point? Healthy debate is good - name calling, calling people out, accusing them of being posers & what not is not healthy debate - it's immature and mean spirited. Maybe that's what it should say in this forum member handbook that I don't seem to have. "Sometimes forum members on this site will be mean-spirited and immature. While we don't condone that type of behavior, we feel as though we should warn you in advance. If you become offended by a poster or a certain group of posters, please remember our warning - some members will be mean-spirited and immature."

    As far as I am concerned, censorship on this site is needed if it means deleting remarks that are offensive, remarks that are mean and petty in nature and/or tasteless.

  • Thank you mwild for deciding for me what is tatseless and what isn't. James, Christy, Brad and the rest of the team at MLS did that for us six months ago and look what happened. Mass exodus! Hmmmm, maybe everyone had the right idea then......If you don't agree with what you read or you somehow dislike it or find it offensive then don't read it. Don't participate. Simple. Hence the mass exit.

    Your type amaze me. You and the rest of the special interest membership would be first in line to ban all sales of Playboy from your town simply because you don't like it and you find it offensive. I think there's a term for that.

  • "Thank you mwild for deciding for me what is tatseless and what isn't."

    TN HR - you're very welcome! As far as I'm concerned - the mass exodus you describe was exactly what the site needed. If you take a step back from the forum & look to see who is posting now, versus then, I think you'll be surprised to see the "nice guys & gals" respond more now than then - this is good. I'm sorry we don't agree on this topic, but I'm okay with it. Have a great weekend! x:-)
  • Ha Ha Ha. Had to get my comment in. Nice guys and gals.....hilarious
  • Hi ritaanz - I don't know if this is what you meant or not - but I am not including myself in the "nice guys and gals" category. I only started really posting last Friday & was pleasantly surprised to see who's posting more frequently & that's what my comment meant. I figure I have a long way to go before I fall into the category of "nice guys and gals".

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