How to add emoticons to your forum posts

Ever wonder how to add those little smiley faces or other emoticons to your posts on the forum? Not only are they fun to use, they also can be helpful in setting the tone in your posts. Here's how to add an emoticon to a post:

First, you need to make sure you are logged in - you can't post anything on the forum unless you have registered and logged in. See How to Post a Question under this section for help with logging in.

- When beginning a new thread, click the Post icon to start a new thread (OR) when replying to an existing thread, click the Reply link on the message you want to reply to.
- Look just above your message box. You'll see the red text "Emotion Icons."
- Click the BLUE link next to it that says "Emotion icon short cuts." A little window will pop up that lists all the different emoticons you can use, including the shortcut key codes to type in to make each face whow up.
- Simply highlight and copy the shortcuts and paste them into your message (or just type them into your message) in the spot where you want the emoticon to show up.

For example, if I type an x, a semi-colon, a dash, and a close parenthesis all in a string, this little winking guy will show up: x;-)

Here are some other fun emoticons you can use:

x0:) Angel
xx( Angry
x:D Big Smile
xB-) Cool Guy
x:'( Cry
x:-8 Embarrassed
x:-) Happy
O=* Lightbulb
x:-/ Question/What?
x:-( Sad
x:o Shocked

Christy Reeder
Website Managing Editor


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