"They Call Me.........Tater Salad"

Ok, now that I've been listening to the Ron "Tater Salad" White CD, I've really been getting a craving for some good potato salad.

Anyone care to share their recipe? I used to buy Spring Glen Amish when I lived in PA, but the only stuff I can find around here is Resser's and it's not good. I want to make my own. Please help!


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  • I would give you my mother's recipe. But, then I'd have to kill you. And she would kill ME.
  • First thing, I guess, is potatoes. And after you cut up the potatoes, the potatoes will take alot of salt, but don't overdo it. I use lots of eggs also. Other than that, add stuff that you like: onions, radishes, celery, M&M's,etc. The dressing always goes like this:

    Miracle Whip
    Whipping cream
    Sweet pickle juice
  • Seriously, I think there is a secret to how long you boil or nuke the potatoes to ensure they come out just the right consistency when cubed, not mushy. Then there's German potatoe salad which I think only means leaving the red skin on red potatoes. I like tiny bits of celery diced in mine.

    And when you've got it all properly packed into a dish or bowl, for the perfect presentation you are required to carefully sprinkle paprika on top, like on deviled eggs.
  • Use whatever ingredients you like along with the potatoes (e.g., onion, boiled eggs, celery, pickle relish, chives). When the potates are cooked, drained, and cooling in the colander, sprinkle them with a bit of cider vinegar. Then make your dressing using the following ratio: four parts REAL mayonnaise to one part regular yellow mustard to one part Dijon mustard....then add salt and lots of freshly ground pepper. Blend gently to avoid demolishing the spuds.
  • Doesn't ANYBODY out there know a recipe for potato salad that doesn't include eggs?!!Everything else sounds great, but I've never tasted potato salad because that dang dish contains EGGS!!!!!
  • Then make the recipe without eggs just using all the other ingredients. The eggs add a great flavor to potato salad though. Now I'm really hungry for potato salad...
  • #-o Guess that would solve the problem, wouldn't it?

  • This made me think of Robert Earl Keen and the song "Barbeque" for some reason. Now I've got to find someone to take me to lunch for bbq and potatoe salad.
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    Judy, you can make it to Austin in three hours, then we'll go to Salt Lick.
  • Is that code word for going out and doing tequila shots at lunch?
  • Pee Wee Herman would be the code word...
  • Yikes! Code word for what? Doing tequila shots or going to a dark theater and, as the gentleman from MN succintly stated, polishing one's helmet?
  • This is completely disjointed :) HRGirl is talking about Pee Wee Herman, why I have no idea, considering that code word for that could only mean one thing.

    Now you're talking about joints........
  • It's ok. I'm sure they don't inhale.
  • This is about Tater Salad, not Pee Wee Herman. The masturbation thread is over on another board. What's the cider vinegar for? I kept thinking she would at least tell why you put that God-awful stuff in tater salad.

    Besides, Judy was in a wreck and needs TLC not tequila shots or vinegar. She needs some long-necks.
  • What's the cider vinegar for? What the hell is anything in a recipe for? To make it taste good!

    And let the record reflect that I prescribed BBQ for Judy (per her wish) and vinegar for potato salad. Any consenting adult who wants a joint of the non-BBQ persuasion, all I can say is: Okay, but don't bogart it.
  • Pass the munchies...er, tater salad.
  • Ahem . . . but seriously, folks. I have never made good potato salad. Whenever I ask "what should I bring?" the host says, "anything but potato salad." I use vinegar, sugar, sweet pickle relish, mayo, salt, pepper, onions, celery seed or diced celery, and sometimes diced green pepper. I've never heard of adding whipping cream. What's wrong with all that? I need specific measurements.
  • Me too. I need to make some tater salad!
  • I asked my grandmama many years ago how much Crisco she put in biscuits. She cupped three fingers into a spoon shape, twisted her brow and said, 'Oooohhhh, 'bout this much'. Now, as my 9th grade Science teacher always said prior to a test, "Just do the best you can".
  • OK, Sam. This recipe is from a co-worker who brings it to our carry-ins on a regular basis. I would probably use REAL mayonnaise instead of the salad dressing, but this is really good stuff.

    2 or 3 medium potatoes (boiled in skin)
    4-6 large eggs, as preferred (omit in Oregon)
    2-6 sweet pickles, as preferred
    1 small onion
    Miracle Whip
    Paprika, if desired as garnish

    Boil potatoes in their skin (make sure potatoes are soft). Boil eggs, chop onion and pickles and put in a large bowl. Pour small amounts o sweet pickle juice onto onion and
    pickle. Let stand (takes some sting out of the onion). Peel potatoes and eggs, chop into desired size chunks. Sprinkle with a little salt (a pinch). Start with 2 tablespoons (heaping) of Miracle Whip. Stir, add Miracle Whip until potato salad has a slightly creamy consistency with big chunks of eggs and potatoes.

    Anne in Ohio
  • My husband makes the BEST potato salad. At every family event, he is asked to make it and there is never any leftover.

    Don is right, it is key on how long to cook. Bob, my husband, puts the taters in to cook and he cooks on medium to medium low (gas stove). After a while he begins to "test" (poke) each potato and if just right, he removes it from the rest. This takes some time. He says the taters don't all cook the same.

    Here is his recipe:

    6-8 red potatoes ONLY, no other version will do

    ~6 hard boiled eggs, diced (eggs put in cold water, brought to boil slowly, turn heat back)

    ~6 whole dill pickles, chopped (sweet ones are never to be considered)He likes the Mt. Olive variety but isn't overly fussy on this issue

    Kraft Mayo, no Hellmann's no Miracle Whip, ruins the taste -- can't tell you how much he adds by look and feel. I'd say start with a cup and go from there.

    Last item is the Paprika, and only the Hungarian version will do. He doesn't just sprinkle a little for coloring....it's not a coating, but somewhere in the middle.

    Trying to do this from memory and I think that's everything. As I said, family and friends love it! My niece refuses to eat any other potato salad but my husbands. I like it, but everyone's taste is different. So if any of you hearty experimenters try it and don't like it, my feelings won't be hurt! x:9
  • I was actually able to follow this thread from tater salad and BBQ to the Salt Lick (Whirlwind if I had a car and could drive I'd love to come!) then Pee Wee Herman and weed got involved along with tequila shots and long necks (yes Don I'd prefer the long necks) but I'm on drugs! What excuse do the rest of you have?!?!?
  • The excuse is that the rest of us remember when we were.
  • Here in KY, where I come from a long line of "hillbilly" cooks and proudly I might add!, the biggest secret I know of is you MUST ALWAYS boil the potatos in the skin. Wash them good, boil til tender, cool, then peel and add whatever you like with them......for me, mayo, salt & pepper, a touch of mustard, a little wine vinegar, boiled eggs and sweet pickle relish.....but believe me nothing works as well without boiling them in the skin, then peeling.

    Good luck!
  • My husband said to tell you all thanx. It was the best potato salad ever! I've referred to it as the 'Forum Combo' potato salad. I took the cooking tips from hhaynal's husband and others who suggest cooking the potatoes in the skin, and picked ingredients from some of the other recipes.

    1 C. Kraft mayo,
    1 Tbsp each - Grey Pupon, honey mustard, and
    1/4 C. Sweet relish and dill relish, (mixed)
    1/4 C. sweet & sour dressing from Hartville, Ohio
    (Amish-made; maybe Anneha can pick some up and
    send it to you by request.)
    1/2 C. diced onion,
    1/2 C. diced celery
    some salt (?)
    some pepper (?)
    5 boiled eggs, diced (omit if inviting
    Hungarian (ONLY Hungarian) paprika sprinkled
    on the top.

    I'm guessing at the measurements, though, but this should be close.

    Larry, I served the M&M's on the side in festive little dixie cups.

    So when and where is the Forum Fall picnic? I'll bring the potato salad!! x:9

  • It was last Tuesday. Where were YOU?
  • I' m with the poster above that has an aversion to eggs...which also rules MAYO out for me....I found a great potato salad recipe that doesn't involve mayo...

    8 large potatoes (I kind of like the yukon gold for this)

    1 med. red onion diced

    1 can of drained corn

    1 can sliced black olives

    1 package of taco seasoning

    1/4 cup oil to mix the seasoning in.

    Boil the potatoes, dice (i leave the skin on), and mix the other ingredients and chill before serving.

    I've also mixed in some beans, celery, carrots...whatever I think I can get away with. I've also added more seasoning, more or less oil..it just depends....

    I'll have to check the recipe, I think there is cider vinegar in there too...

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