Green Beans

I planted green beans this year for the first time and I am in bean heaven. Saturday my SO and I picked all the ripe ones and prepared them for the pot by cleaning, then cutting off the ends and snapping them in two. I had approximately 1.5 pounds of beans so it took a big pot of water. We added 1/2 pond of thick sliced, 100% all the fat included bacon, and boiled until the beans were soft and the bacon was cooked.

Oops, almost forgot to mention the homemade french fries and store bought breaded giant shrimp that went with the beans.

OOOh, I can't wait to get home for the leftovers.


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  • I'm coming over!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Forget the cruise - let's meet at Safety's house. Get that pot boiling for us.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-20-04 AT 11:28AM (CST)[/font][br][br]Why oh why do I always open this section in the morning? My stomach starts growling and lunch is still more than three hours away.

    I do 'em very close to yours. I parboil fresh beans, fry up the bacon with onions, throw it all together and heat through. Good stuff.

    So Safety, are you prepared for about 50 of us?
  • Sorry for the late response, I was enduring an HR audit and, I was locked out of the Forum but I'm back. Yes, I'll be ready for 50 Forum friends I just discovered another plant last night that is full of beans. Remember, this is a BYOB event and all entertainment is the responsibility of the guests. My neighbors might get mad if I set my drums up on the patio.
  • I'll be visiting my stepson in Wichita soon. Thanks for the invite.

    Be there with bells on.
    Chick-a-boom, Chick-a-boom, Chick-a-boom-boom-boom

    Ask the neighbors over too. There are stories we can tell 'em about our pal Safety.

  • Well, by all means when you pass through stop by, the neighbors have a standing invite anytime as well as my Forum friends!
  • Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but . . . Sunday evening I picked two grocery sacks full of fresh green beans from the garden. Last night I snapped them and slow boiled with a pound of thick cut pepper bacon and man-o-man were they good. =P~
  • Two grocery sacks?!?!? They most certainly can ship to Arizona overnight, right?
  • yep, it's that time of year again...didn't have time for a garden this year (or last) so I'd like to order a pound of beans too. I'll leave off the pig and just enjoy them with butter, salt and pepper...yummy!

    Cheryl C.
  • Last year when he said a 'pond' I assumed he was talking about pond-raised-pig. I had not heard of it and assumed he knew what he was talking about. Poor Leviticus....He knew not what he was missing; nothing like green beans cooked for an hour with a little salt pork or bacon. This works with butter beans too, but be sure to have Beano on hand.

  • Your Assumption was wrong I just misspelled pound and was too late to edit my mistake. This weekend I will have more beans to pick along with corn, all types of peppers and tomatoes and can’t wait. I agree Don, nothing like fresh g-beans and pork; sorry for those who do not indulge in this delicacy but I understand deep held beliefs. I am obligated to consume pork as a pork processor is one of our major customers and they have wonderful products that I can’t seem to live without. Anyone in the neighborhood is welcome to come over Sunday for ribs, beans and all the fixins’ but don’t come too early, I have to donate time on Saturday night at the local American Legion post by playing my drums for the folks. BTW, come on by the Legion for a great time, I won’t be the only musician there and we always perform a wide variety of musical styles that are sure to please everyone. Oh I almost forgot, the adult beverages are cheap and, we have a very inexpensive taxi service so you won't have to drive if you imbibe too much on the beverages.
  • Safety: I heard from somebody who actually appeared to not know what butter beans are. I cannot believe it! Maybe they are Lima Beans in some sections of the country. But, if you got a beige colored bean with purple blotches and speckles and you call it anything but a butter bean, it's a safe bet you ain't got no greens and salt pork goin' in the boiler next to them.

    And I wouldn't know what to think if my wife had an old boiler full of (green) butter beans on the stove with a ladle shoved into them and there was not at least seven half-inch slices of bacon in there too. Close your eyes right now and pretend you're lifting the lid off that pot and the pork saturated steam rushes up to your nose.

    Disclaimer: This message is not intended to offend or attack. It is posted as personal opinion. If you find yourself offended or uncomfortable, email me and let me know why.
  • UGH...Stop it Don! Leviticus and I are turning a bit green. You guys enjoy them your way, we'll enjoy them ours by keeping the meat and beans separate. Buen Provecho!

    Cheryl C.
  • Uh, sorry Cheryl, I can think of other cuts of meat from bovine or others that would be a good substitute. I have also boiled these fine specimens with garlic and other spices to liven up the taste and even boiled with no spices however, I still think my original recipe is the ultimate. Take some pepto so you don’t turn green and please don’t go home sick and blame me.
  • Now that you bring it up, please tell us what in the world could be an acceptable substitute for bacon, salt pork or pork fat in slow-cooking vegetables. And don't go tellin' me armadillo.

    Disclaimer: This message is not intended to offend or attack. It is posted as personal opinion. If you find yourself offended or uncomfortable, email me and let me know why.
  • Any well-marbled cut of roast would be enough to put a little flavor and ‘oil’ in the mix. Also, I have substituted turkey bacon with good results. I suppose there are other regions of the country that may use, say, squirrel of possum but I have never tried either. As for me, there is no absolute substitute for salt pork, I find I like it the best!

    BTW, the armadillo is migrating North to the great State of Kansas so I may have the opportunity to try it in the fuure.
  • Pork bacon is 75% fat. How could there be turkey bacon since a turkey is less than 5% fat. That would be like a fat triathlete.

    Disclaimer: This message is not intended to offend or attack. It is posted as personal opinion. If you find yourself offended or uncomfortable, email me and let me know why.
  • When I used turkey bacon I had to add some olive oil to the pot.
  • Not to offend anyone but....

    You can try to flavor with anything you want, but eating any type vegetable without some type of good ole pork fat, preferably salted, is like eating cardboard. Country Ham hocks happens to be my flavoring of choice and if they are not available, a large piece of smoked hog jowl works really well.

    Been eating like this for 55+ yrs. My last cholesterol count was 165 and my blood pressure was 127 / 75. OH, did I just violate HIPAA???
  • I love ham hocks. It's what I like to cook with my pinto beans. Great stuff, that.
  • You know, Guys and Gals, it comes back to how one was raised. My parents stopped feeding us pork when I was about 5. From then on it was either beef, chicken, fish or turkey. I don't feel that I've missed out at all. I don't look down on anyone else for partaking either. To each his/her own x;-)

    Turkey and vegetable protein are being made into lots of things that were once only thought of as pork (i.e. turkey/vegetarian pepperoni, ham, bacon, and sausage). It's all in the seasoning anyway...


  • Ham, bacon and sausage (usually) are pork products. Is the only reason you do not eat pork, Biblical? We have a whole big shelf in an outside freezer reserved for hamhocks, pork jowl, salt pork and bacon. I'm not for violating anybody's religious principles, but it don't get no better'n this. Maybe this is why Leviticus died so early....he avoided 'the good stuff'.

    Disclaimer: This message is not intended to offend or attack. It is posted as personal opinion. If you find yourself offended or uncomfortable, email me and let me know why.
  • I'll agree, those things are typically and historically pork products. But nowadays we who don't partake of the cute little beasts have options. Though I never looked into it, folks back in the Old Testiment time lived to be 7-800 years old or more.

    Cheryl C.
  • "Though I never looked into it, folks back in the Old Testiment time lived to be 7-800 years old or more."

    Of course it is insane to think that anybody would live 700 0r 800 years or more. It's insane also to argue that one should not eat a certain food product; but, it's especially nutty to assert that somebody lived 800 years.

  • Don, look into it for yourself. I didn't write the book. x0:)

    Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this year's bounty of summer fresh produce for as long as you can get it!

    Cheryl C.
  • There are several possibilities: People did not know how to calculate time, the forerunner of the Underwood typewriter had some glitches, someone was lying to impress Guiness, a woman was involved, something has been lost along the way in translation, in the third book of The Bible there was an attempt being made to convince people that if they avoided swine they might live forever, a year was not a year or it depended on what the definition of is is.

  • Somehow a woman was invovled?!?! What the he** is that? How did we go from beans to women destroying the pork industry?
  • Good questions Leslie. But Don probably won't have an answer...just more questions as he scratches his puzzled bald head. :-?

    ...Don't worry, Friday's comin'...

  • I am enjoying my garden this year. Last night I picked a half a bushel basket of peppers ranging from bell to sweet to hot. I have a hard time getting the sweet ones in the house as I have to munch on em’ as I am picking others. I have several freezer bags full and am stocking up for the winter. The peppers come in handy on any morning when I fix eggs and (sorry Cheryl) pork for breakfast. They also come in handy for other dishes such as meatloaf, etc. I am going to try Don’s fried green tomato recipe this weekend as I have a bountiful supply of them in the garden.

    My garden is my stress relief every evening. It doesn’t matter if I’m watering it, weeding it, picking it or just sipping beer and staring at it. With a union organization attempt ongoing at work I need the stress relief and gardening is better than going out and killing something.

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