James Brown

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the passing of the "Godfather of Soul". Turned our normally quiet town into a mecca of soul, R&B, and funk music lovers. Amazon.com said his 20 All-Time Greatest Hits was the No. 2 seller 12/26.
His funeral downtown at our "James Brown Arena" drew more than 8,000 people and was a peaceful affair.


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  • I haven't heard one word about his passing here at work. Guess, his music wasn't that popular with the NASCAR crowd up here.
  • I can relate, our NASCAR and Country Music Loving crowd here has said too much either.
  • It certainly made me sad. I always picture him moving around so much that I can't imagine him not living until his 80's at least. Thought he had another 10 years or more. Very sad to us Rockers.

    I think the world was too interested in losing President Ford. It makes sense to me anyway.
  • I wasn't going to get caught up with the viewing, but I did. People started lining up at the Apollo Theater in the early morning. By the time I had to go to work, there may have been at least 150 people.

    Police barricades were placed from 125th St. to 145th. Of course there were James Brown tee shirts and pictures for sale. The viewing of his body was to take place from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    When I returned home that night around 7:00, the area was still crowded with people waiting to get in. I was more impressed with the diversity of people, so I just took pictures of the faces in the crowd.

    When I got to my apartment, I decided to try to get in to pay my respect. (I live 2 blocks from the Apollo). The line ended across the street from my apartment. Everyone on line was exchanging stories of their experiences relating to seeing a show or his music. By the time I got to 125th St., a few people who were ahead left the line and mentioned that they heard that the body was about to leave out of the back entrance on 126th St. because the family wanted to get back to Georgia.

    I decided to go to 126th St. because it was about 9:00 p.m. There were not too many people in the back. Perhaps 20 at the most. A lady mentioned that she saw Al Sharpton talking to a guard. I couldn't see him at first. When she pointed him out to me, she asked how could I miss him with that hair style. I figured if he was here, then it may be true that James Brown was on his way home. I took several pictures.

    The body was put in a decoy van, which left right before Sharpton's limo.

    Did not watch the funeral. But I did watch most of the services for President Ford.

  • The man was no-doubt talented and was extremely influential in the music world. That being said, he was nevertheless a drug addict, wife-beater and criminal who may not be deserving of any distinction as a great American or honorable man.
  • I don't think anyone said anything about him being 'honorable' x;-) , just that we will miss him and his music. He was talented, but not necessarily good. He lived life large, the good and the bad, and that made him memorable.

    Whatever his faults and/or weaknesses, I will miss him.

  • The Blues Brothers movies introduced my teenage boys to James Brown. They too commented how much they liked his musical style/moves that set him apart from others. I agree with Nae regardless of his personal faults, he will be missed in the musical world.
  • I didn't mean to imply that he won't be missed, or deny his musical accomplishments. I personally liked alot of his stuff. I just can't erase the image of his mug shot, after a drunken spree, leading police on a chase across state lines, running from charges of domestice abuse, among others. It was rather comical really. But, I am not going to further criticize him for his faults or weaknesses - - because...........I FEEL GOOD.....
  • Hey... "I FEEL GOOD" too!!!
    It's after 5:00 on Friday afternoon and it was payday here. It just don't get much better than this....

  • I have a friend who got on a plane in Atlanta this week and Little Richard was on the plane with her (going to NY). I am sure he was in the state due to the funeral.
    E Wart
  • I think James Brown used to work with Little Richard.

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