IRS tax refund for long distance service

I was doing some research on employee tax deductions for business expenses and came across this on the IRS website:

The IRS is providing a one time refund for long distance federal taxes. They have made it easy for you to claim, simply enter the appropriate amount on the correct line (varies by type of form you use to file your federal taxes) and you get your refund (or credit to tax owed) – the refund ranges from $30 to $60. Read about it here:



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  • Thanks for the heads up DButton.

    Your link does not get one directly to the page. But when the IRS website pops up, in the upper right hand side, do a search on 'refund of federal phone taxes' and it takes you to several articles and publications regarding this refund.

    Folks, this is a one time opportunity. The Feds have decided they cannot tax such services and are allowing taxpayers, both individuals and businesses to get this one time refund.

    You will need a couple of months of phone bills and apply a formula, but it's pretty straight forward as IRS forms go.
  • The link will get you right there if you copy and paste it. But for some reason when I posted it the link gets broken and only part of it is "linkable" and the rest is just in plain text.
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