Mel Gibson


I don't even know what to say. What a disappointment.


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  • Nothing much that can be said. He blew it big time and now must pay the piper. Some will never forgive him for this no matter what he says or does.
  • It was very disappointing. I heard that his father has been quoted as saying the holocaust never happened, etc etc. I guess you can't always rise above your parents.

    Whatever happens, our image of him is forever altered. People who drink too much often do stupid things, but things like this are a reflection of who they really are. Like I said, very disappointing.

  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-03-06 AT 09:06AM (CST)[/font][br][br]"People who drink too much often do
    stupid things" - Yes they certainly do.

    "But things like this are a
    reflection of who they really are" - Respectfully disagree with you here. First, we don't know the truth, whole truth, and nothing but - only what's been spun through the media. Yes, he got drunk; owned that one. Yes he acted in an "inappropriate" manner by his own admission.

    But, what "reflection of who we really are"? That bothers me. While I think I do understand your point, I think its too broad. I got drunk once and did something stupid, but it by no means defined who I am. My grandfather was addicted to alcohol and knew it. Many people are, but not all will admit it. But he was also the most generous giving person I ever knew. Always helping other people and never said an unkind word about anyone as far as I heard or knew. His addiction didn't define him or his character; unfortunately, he allowed it to control him as far as the drinking went. But it didn't change his generous spirit or his willingness to help others, or his desire to be an upright, morale, Christian man, which I believe he was. He didn't cheat on his wife or his family; didn't abuse his children; didn't gamble; didn't disrespect other people; and worshiped and served in the church as best he could.

    So, "who he really was" was a decent person, with human flaws, who got hooked on alcohol and couldn't get unhooked. There are those who are simply morally corrupt, and yes, their behaviors are a reflection of who they are inside. But its not always the case and I don't think others should be so quick to make those assessments.
  • I don't mean his actions by driving too fast or losing track of how much he drank. People under the influence often do stupid things.

    I was referring to his comments that "the jews are the cause of all wars." The things he SAID show a reflection of who he really is.

    You are right in that we don't really know what all happened, but the article I read came from a respectable news source and was a direct quote.

    People say and do dumb things all the time, and even more so when they are under the influence. But often what they really think comes out only in private among those whom they trust, or when they are too plastered to realize it will come back and haunt them.

    I grew up around several alcoholics. Many are very nice until they drink, then the person they keep hidden comes out to play. Some become even nicer. But driving too fast or thinking that you are the best looking person ever are not the same thing as letting others know of your bigotry. His anti-semetic remarks told who he really is.

  • I too am very disappointed in Mel. I think he has been an "honorable and hardworking actor" who has been able to pull off very varied roles and also veritle in his career (acting, producing, directing, etc.) To some extent, he has even kept his personal life "personal".
    However, personally, I am so sick of hearing about all these hollywood folks and their personal lives (Tom Cruise and Katie, Britney Spears, Desperate House wives.)
    What does the public think.... Most of these folks don't even have a High School education and they are just humans who are "played up" so they can make more money. (Boy are we gullible). They aren't GOD.
    Also, what about the Barry Bonds type. I just hate it that we (the public) tend to put these folks on pedistals and children especially, want to be like them or envy them. Why can't we pick out better role models (our parents or neighbors or bosses) and get a life!!
    Just venting!
    E Wart
  • Nice vent there, EWart. I don't idolize movie stars or sports figures either. I idolize politicians such as Ted "The Swim King" Kennedy, Tip "Obvious Nickname" O'Neil, Bill "The Zipper" Clinton, Jesse "The Mind" Ventura, "Undead" Al Gore, Richard "I KNow Nothing" Nixon, Gerald "Why Me" Ford and Hillary "Wicked Witch of the East" Clinton.
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    The real disappointment is the crass, unrelenting barrage by the liberal media about this individual's mistake. How many Hollywood types are doing far worse things, but very little is heard; maybe a brief news report and unflattering picture. But because Mel Gibson was willing to take a definite and strong stand on his faith and values, the same that many find offensive, and produce a movie that brought a form of reality to what many believe as truth, he's now held up for public and intense ridicule. He never said he was perfect; never heard him say he was, not once. Don't know of anyone else who is either. He just happens to be in the public eye. Betcha the bottom dollar that if Mel were an adulterating, doping, foul mouthed jerk, making nasty, violent films we wouldn't hear nearly so much about this. I feel sorry for him. I think the whole thing is a shame and it pisses me off when people and their mistakes (especially Christians) become fodder for public ridicule and judgementalism, all just so others can feel better about themselves.
  • When Nick Nolte was arrested for a simlar charge the only time I heard about it was when I watched the Tonight Show. In fact, seeing his uncombed hair and his unshaven face got really boring after awhile.

    Mel made the news immediately, and it has been reported almost daily since. I think the difference here is that the way he normally presents himself and his beliefs offend the generally liberal news media. However, if he did say the things I read about, they have a good case for calling him a hypocrite.

    And, it gives me a completely different view of him. I don't like bigots, no matter who they are.

  • If Americans can accept an adultering, fornicating President, why can't they accept Mel's shortcomings? (I don't agree with him at all, but many people make a butt out of themselves when they are drunk).
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