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I am in the process of planning our annual Employee Appreciation Day. We'll have t-shirts, a fish fry, desserts, karaoke, basketball and back massages from our local technical school. I'm looking for some interactive games. Except for the karaoke, most people just show up, eat and leave. There is always a faithful group of guys playing basketball all day as well. Anyone have tried and true methods or is this just wishful thinking on my part? We've had kind of a sucky year and this is a big deal around here. I'd like to plan something different that allows everyone to participate and have fun.


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  • Now we are in my area of expertise (finally). How many people? Age? Indoors or outdoors? Do you want the games to be "teambuilding" opportunities or just for fun?
  • outside, in the parking lot. this is a combined event with us and corporate office, total about 600 ee's. I'd like it to be just for fun.
  • I'm putting the final plans in place for our for 7/24 and we do it in our backyard at work. Our CEO perceives himself a gameshow host, particularly in the vein of the Gong Show. He actually does a good job. He walks around and asks questions, like what is our "signature", what kind of business are we (contract electronic mfg'er), who is our number one customer (they all are), questions related to ISO, or quality policies... all business related stuff that people should know. If they get the right answer he gives them any thing from a $5 bill to a $50 bill. And I rent a money cube and he selects people to go in it to grab cash, but to be selected they have to answer correctly one of his questions, like above.
  • Watch the tv show Office. You can get great ideas. Hand out an award for "Stinkiest bowel movement" I guarantee the guy that wins it will be very proud. "Best shoes" is another good one.

    Sorry I'm not more help, but this is the humor section.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-11-06 AT 03:28PM (CST)[/font][br][br]I love "The Office". If it was just our group, I could get away with it, but since corporate is participating, I'll have to tone it down.
    A few years ago, the karaoke guy was playing music before the show got started. He played the Jimmy Buffett song "Lets get drunk and screw" (can I say that on the forum?)
    Anyway, I about killed myself trying to get up there and tell him to knock it off before someone got fired! ME!!
  • 600? Wow.. thats a lot of people to entertain.

    I would go with some live music and a carnival. There are companies that will bring in inflatable games, bull riding machines, inflatable sumo wrestling. You could have some carnival games and prizes for people to win.

    To keep people from leaving, give away or sell raffle tickets for some nice prizes and one BIG prize. Announce you have to be present to win.

    You could pick a theme like "old west" or "the Sixties" and have everyone dress appropriately.

    You could have an "American Idol" style Karaoke contest with grumpy judges from the accounting department.

    Putting members of management in a dunk tank is ALWAYS a big hit.

    I put together a carnival last summer for 100 and had a bunch of games including a shooting gallery. It was a lot of fun.

    For 600 people you need to bring in the professional companies and do things right.
  • Grumpy accountants??? Marc, you out there? Did you hear that? Are you feeling grumpy today?
  • Been on a road trip with my son, so I missed the opportunity to be a judge. I can get grumpy if that is required. I'll make Simon seem like a children's Sunday school teacher.

    But that would be fun - I'll watch the movie "Duets" a few time so I know what Kareoke should sound like.
  • OK this IS the humor section so I'll let me imagination write my suggestions here:

    I would start off with some ultimate fighting contests, maybe some wet T-shirt contests, and there is nothing more fun (or funny) than a farting contest. I would end with a "run-what-you-brung" drag racing event followed by a burnout contest. Since it's Georgia, you could also host a Lester Maddox, Jimmy Carter, or Ty Cobb look-alike contest.

    Plus you can charge your employees to attend, because who wouldn't want to part of all that?
  • Next thing Larry, you'll be tring to get an invite to join them.
  • Follow my suggestions and I'll be there. But being from the northern Land of 10,000 Lakes Some Of Which Have Thawed, I'd probably be about as welcome as a plague of leprosy.
  • you two are killin' me! x:D
  • Wow, what an event! Our Teammate Appreciation Day consists of lunch! You put us to shame.

    Another suggestion, since money is always an issue. Get one of those big plastic pretzel jugs from Sams/Wal-Mart, etc. and fill with little slips of paper with prizes....."entitled to extra 15 minutes lunch". . . "get to leave work 15 minutes/half hour early (with pay)". . ."get free parking for a day or get to park up front in one of the executive's spots for a day". . ."$5 coupon for lunch, etc. As you walk around the grounds, you just walk up to employees and ask them to draw. Have a magic marker and make a small dot on the wrist so that as time passes, employees aren't double dipping. It's such a booster.

    Let us know how your event went!!!!
  • By the way, what kind of budget do you have to work with?
  • I have about $13k. Most money goes towards food and the t-shirts. $6700 food and $2800 shirts. We fed 700 people last year. We spend another $1,000 on giveaways for employees. Lots of gift certificates and such. I can't find anyone locally who provides that kind of entertainment, so I'm looking at Atlanta. I don't think I'll be able to afford a professional group. Maybe I'll poke around Columbia and see what I can find. Anybody know a reputable company in either city I can talk to? I'm just thinking about another angle for this year. What we're doing isn't broken, but whatever I can do to create a "pick-me-up" for everyone is nice. A theme sounds good. Maybe we'll go with a sports theme...
  • Since its in the parking lot, how about a "car show" with prizes for the oldest car, hot rod, etc. If you have staff with custom cars let them bring them in and show them off.

    Give away the President's parking space for the week as one of the prizes.

    Some car rental places rent out exotic cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. You could rent one and let people take their picture with it.

    Have an office chair derby with people sitting in rolling office chairs and someone pushing them around a track or obstacle course.

    Call it the "Employee Tailgate Party" and have a BBQ and lots of great music.

    These events are really fun if there is something for the ACTIVE people to DO (games, contests, etc) and something for the others to WATCH.

    Its also a great opportunity for management to show they have a soul. Assuming they do.
  • "lots of great music"

    I'll take my trombone.
  • ooohhhhh! I LIKE it! Thanks for the great ideas Paul.
  • Youre welcome... you can thank me by sending two Sunday passes to next years Masters. Or at least directions to Augusta National and a chain cutter.
  • One of my favorite times was when we brought in the "Varsity" for lunch and had "loaded dogs a walking". (For those of you who don't know what I am talking about.... the Varsity is "the worlds largest drive in". If you come to Atlanta, it is a must, right next to the GA Tech campus on North st. downtown. They are known for their chilie hot dogs, onion rings, frosted oranges and fried fruit pies. Definitely not wellness day! Employees love the food and they are great with crowds and you don't have to do a thing. (I don't know if they go to Augusta, but may be worth a call.)
    Also, one of my favorites was bringing in breakfast and serving to folks. (We often think of lunch but not breakfast.)
    Years ago we did a "60's party" and folks dressed the part, we got a juke box which was loads of fun for music and not expensive and had a "sunday bar" to make bananna splits or ice cream sundaies. (Great to do but watch out for heat if outside.)
    Do the uglest shoe contest, baby picture contest (everyone brings in picture and employees try to guess them). It didn't sound as if families were coming so I don't know if I would go with the carnaval theme. You are going to have some folks that have a great time and others who will not do a thing. (If people don't want to participate, do they get to go home. I would say if they don't want to participate, they can come back to work... force them to come.)
    One of the prises could be swapping places with the President or one of the Officers for the day. However, will have to be careful witht his dending on confidentiality of stuff. But great when President has to sit at their desk and do their job.
    E Wart
  • I forgot this one, have someone from cosmotology school come and do free manicures. (Yes, men can have them too. This is a great one for thoes who don't do the physical activities.)
    E Wart
  • We had the cosmetology school come last year for manicure, pedicure, haircuts, makeup, the whole nine yards. It was great but they got really backed up and then people complained b/c they waited too long or missed out. I like the contest ideas, something for everyone to participate in. This will be on site, and we try to plan different activities throughout the day. We are in the publishing industry, so shutting down is not an option, and yes, it's for EE's only. You all have given great ideas. I think there is plenty here to get the ball rolling. Thanks again to all.
    And Paul, did you know you can apply for practice round tickets thru the Augusta National? Go to their website and download an application to mail in. You should hurry though, I think the deadline is fast approaching. Tix are cheap, like $25-30/day.
    If you've never been to the National, it is well worth the trip. It is so beautiful out there.
  • I have heard that. I'd love to go.

    That's on my "lifetime checklist" of things to do. I am a big fan of Bobby Jones.

    Walking the fairways of Augusta National would be a spiritual experience for me.

    Can I camp in your front yard?

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