4th Travel Story

So I'm just now getting around to tell my travel story. Those of you with kids will appreciate this:
Supposed to leave Friday, 6/30, for Daytona. We are going to tow our camper. So we bring it out of storage a couple days before and everything's fine until Thursday night. Some wires fried and I had to go all over town Friday to get some electric converter box. Find one on sale for $215 (boy, what a sale price). Then we find a nail in the truck tire, then husband has emergency at work. So we give up on Friday and decide to leave early Saturday. 8:15pm Friday night I hear the scream of all screams coming from my 4 year old. My oldest has somehow managed to wack the youngest with the golf club and there is blood everywhere. Mind you, she's screaming the entire time "I didn't do it, I didn't do it!!" Tote little one down to hospital for 2 stitches along left cheek bone and steri-strips along left eye. We decide to let her sleep Saturday morning, no point in driving to FL with a matted-swollen nasty eye. She wakes up ready to go. So we go and I'm happy to say the rest of the trip was great! First NASCAR race at Daytona and it was a blast! Even the kids were in awe!
So, does anyone else have interesting stories to share?


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  • After years of vacationing with the family, I have discovered that there is no such thing as "fun for the whole family".
  • The wife and I are planning a trip for next month to Iowa and since the kids are grown up and gone, it's just the two of us. Iowa??? Why Iowa? My nephew is getting married out there, so we'll drive out and stop and see some interesting places on the way home. No kids, it'll be great.
  • We can smell Iowa from here.
  • Wow.. that's a great story. At least the rest of your trip went well.

    I am heading out for a one week vacation next week but its going to be pretty low key. We will stay in Seattle and visit some of the local points of interest.

    Our three year old and ten year old daughters definitely know the "Stop touching me!" game and its close cousin "Get OFF my seat!" game.

    The monotony of the drive should be broken up regularly with my 10 year old hitting me unexpectedly and yelling "Slug BUG!"

    Our three year old is potty training right now so that adds an element of excitement to any car ride.

    Getting whacked in the head by a golf club is sounding better and better...

  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-10-06 AT 04:33PM (CST)[/font][br][br]You reminded me of our trip in 1980. We planned a 3 week trip from So. Calif. back to the midwest to visit family. We planned to meet my mom in Vegas on our way back for the last weekend of the trip.

    The entire thing was more like a Chevy Chase movie. We had my husband's 2 daughters from his first marriage (10 and 11 then), my 6 year old, our 8 month old, and a cousin who was about 12. All girls except for the cousin.

    We rented a pop-up trailer and planned on making some headway on Friday night. It took so long to load that I missed my daughter's recital (and it turned out to be her only one). We left town and an hour later the car overheated.

    We parked at a restaurant, and found a place to fix it the next morning. The guy worked out of his home garage, but there was no one else. His wife asked to hold my baby, and then promptly gave her some beer. We were in the middle of the Mohave in a small town. I kept my mouth shut, but found a way to leave the premises as soon as possible.

    The car fixed we headed out again. It overheated again. By now we had made it to Blythe (almost to Ariz.) We found a campground, but it was 110 in the shade, and we couldn't find any shade.

    We took the car to a dealer. 3 days in a row they fixed it. We would pack up, leave, and then as soon as we crossed into Ariz the car would mess up again and we would limp back to Blythe. Finally the repair guy went with us, heard the problem and fixed it. When we passed over into Ariz without the same problem we let out a huge cheer. Almost immediately we had a flat tire.

    The rest of the vacation went the same. I ran over a rabbit, the kids were sunburned, etc etc. We spent all our vacation money, our emergency stash, and then had to borrow from my mom just to keep on the road. Our final gas to get into Vegas came from the $30 silver dollars some people at work had given me before I left (sort of a Boy Voyage type of thing). The amazing thing is that we won in Vegas. We fed the kids at nice restaurants, gambled, repaid the money we had borrowed from my mom, and still came home with about $800. Go figure.
  • I'm sorry, but that's hillarious! It DOES indeed sound like a chevy chase movie. I never went on family vacations as a kid, (I was the youngest of 5!) I understand why. And as a single mom my daughters' and my trips were always smooth sailing.
  • I can't compete with NaeNae!!
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