Who will Win???

Tonight's the night!! Who will win??
As most of you know, I'm a freaky AI fan. I was so disappointed with McFever last night. Why would she sing the same song as last week? (Over the Rainbow)
My money's on Taylor. Hope I don't look like a moron tomorrow.
I think next year they should let contestants play an instrument at some point. Like Nashville Star. They let them play their guitar, piano, etc.


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  • Who in the sam hell chooses the clothes that these people wear?
  • They have access to stylists. Obviously, they should all be fired.
  • Taylor will win it. But in the long run, Katherine will end up with the more rewarding musical career.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-25-06 AT 08:20AM (CST)[/font][br][br]If you close your eyes and listen to the two of them sing Katherine far surpasses Taylor. Taylor is a showman and that's what the people like--because he sure as heck can't sing worth a hoot.
  • For those of you Idol faithful out there, if you really want to know the quality of any particular singer, step into the next room. You will be surprised how the lack of a visual image and the stripping away of the audio enhancements will change your opinion of how good any of these contestants are.

    Though I had Taylor as a personal favorite (maybe it was his gray hair), Chris was far and away the best singer in the competition. He sang most of the contemporary rock songs better than the original artists.

    If Katharine can stay away from the cookies, cake, and candy, she surely has a potential modeling career ahead of her. Hugh, please hang up the phone.
  • Katherine has said she wants to do Broadway. She ought to be very successful there. I liked Taylor too, but he will remain a nightclub singer.
  • Well, HRinGA, you don't look like a moron today! While I did enjoy Kat's version of 'Over the Rainbow,' I also agree that it would have been nice to hear another song. I think she has a beautiful voice, but she's not good at singing everything.

    I like your idea of permitting a contestant to play an instrument. What I also think would be a good idea is to have another couple of judges added to Randy, Paula and Simon...two judges that are not in the music industry, just some regular ol' folks that have a good ear for music...like me!
  • I got to watch AI a couple times this week and I am amazed that Taylor won. His voice is pretty good but not amazing. He is goofy as a three dollar bill.

    Of course, I didnt watch the whole season, but the only thing Taylor seems to have going for him is that he appear to be a genuinely decent person.

    On one hand it somewhat restores my belief in humanity. Perhaps we are not as superficial as I thought.
  • Mendisa will be the ultimate winner. Watch.
  • I like Mendissa. She not only has a good voice, but her personality and heart is good, too.
  • So how COOL was it when Prince performed!!! xflash I almost fell out of my chair. The place went nuts. Toni Braxton stunk it up. What was she doing?? and what the hell was she wearing??
    I missed almost everything else. Still, I'm pleased with the results. I really thought Chris s/h won, but he'll be fine.
    I'm eager to watch the new "Treasure Hunters" show. Looks like it might have potential. Otherwise, it's L&O reruns all summer.
  • Welcome to the Forum, RickAL. Please help out the "thread that will never die". Paul keeps changing themes and now it's gasping for air.

    Anyway...is there more to the AI search? I thought Tayler won it and that's it for this season. I'm so confused.

    Cheryl C.
  • you are correct. It's over. We were discussing possible improvements for next season.
  • Thanks, Cheryl! Further comment about this year's AI show: This year was by far the best year in that there were more "qualified" participants. I had a few favorites throughout the show. I did enjoy the finale show and seeing Prince and some others perform. While I have enjoyed some of Toni Braxton's songs, her performance last night was not enjoyable at all. Pairing her with Taylor was a total mismatch, too! Don't misunderstand me; I like Clay, but was that his real hair? If so, my verdict is still out....I thought at first he was coming out in a wig to resemble Elton John....just wondered where the glasses were! That poor kid Clay was singing to was hysterical.
  • Hey Y'all,

    I've been out this week because my son graduated from high school last night. x:-(

    We were thrilled that Taylor won it all. He's a good guy, and I found out that my nephew has played in his band before....did not know that!

    I couldn't stand Katharine - what a spoiled whiner. She must have been prepared for losing since she didn't whine about it. I agree that Mandeesa was the best of all. The woman can sing.

    Everyone have a great holiday. I'll be weepy about my grown up son. -Becky
  • I'm hooked on the show. It was the best so far. I did not know that was Clay singing!!! I missed the announcement somewhere. I'm not good with performers' names, so when that kid got so excited, I wasn't sure what I was missing. Actually, I thought Clay looked somewhat o.k. He looked rather "British" to me. I wouldn't want to see the contestants play instruments because it is a singing talent and so many singers would be eliminated because unless they are already in a band, most of these kids trying out won't have the money or opportunity to develop in both areas. And I'm afraid we would be inundated with guitar players! But who am I to judge. . . I can't sing and I can't play an instrument, but I can do a pretty decent jitterbug, a little Balboa and some Lindy Hop!
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