This is the thread that will never die.



  • Or he's ashamed of something YOU did.
  • Good morning, everyone. It is just before 8:00 am, my favorite time of the day. In about 5 minutes the supervisors will start coming in with problems. Time to take a sip of coffee and gather my inner resources.

  • It's 10 after 9:00 a.m. in my corner of the world. Boss is out sick so it'll be a good day to catch up and clean out my in box.

    Cheryl C.
  • Uh-oh. Looks like the end is near.

  • I wonder how skinny the message boxes get before they just disappear... Keep replying to this one and maybe eventually we'll see the boxes slim down into a skinny little line, followed by a little "poof" graphic.

    It's 4PM. About an hour ago I was wallowing in my own misery about how unbelievably overwhelmed I am feeling these days. I was wandering through my email, avoiding working on all the stuff that was causing my wallowing, and opened the email from HR Hero for this month's newsletter, intending to read articles of interest. (This is my version of a cigarette break)

    Then I spotted today's AI discussion. I've been completely derailed since then.

    I'm glad Kelly's gone. At first I thought she was kind of charming, then she got annoying.

    Elliot is growing on me but I wish he'd get his teeth worked on. (That's how shallow I can be sometimes) Paris is talented but needs a few more years of life experience. Katherine is amazing, and I love Taylor's style. Chris is slated to be the future husband of several women in the office, but I don't think he knows this yet. They may even be willing to permit him a polygamous marriage.

    Who do I WANT to win? Taylor.
    Who do I THINK will win? Katherine.

    Back to work and wallowing.
  • By the way, I'm 4 short posts away from 1,000. In case anyone was counting. x:-)
  • Hey HRQ, I've liked Taylor's style all along, but he bombed this week and at this stage that could be fatal if he doesn't come on strong again. I was surprised Elliot made it this far, but he has come a long way. I think he even has an outside shot at it. Chris surprised me that he did so well this week, he and Kelli had kind of boxed themselves in to being able to perform only certain genres. Kelli would have won hands down if every week was C&W. Ultimately, the winner will be whoever best fits the themes chosen for the rest of the contest or those who can change their style easily.

    So HRQ, we expect you to hit the big 1000 on Friday. You realize that qualifies you for an all expense paid trip to Brentwood to help them pack coffee mugs and a cheap lunch from the neighborhood deli.
  • TGIF!!!! Let me re-emphasize.....TGIF!!!!
    I've had about 2 month's worth of terms, investigations, allegations and attorney's all in one week. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I want my mommy! Calgon take me away! Margaritaville here I come!
    Thanks...I feel a little better and every minute closer to 5:00 helps. The end is at least in sight and it does not look like a frieght looks like a big giant margarita. Hey Whirlwind...has the Oasis re-opened yet!

  • Wow Jitrbug, sounds like you've had a week to forget! Hope you can get some YOU time in this weekend. Cheers!!!

    Cheryl C.
  • Never closed, believe it or not. They kept going with what was left after the fire while rebuilding. You wouldn't want to be there today, though....we're under a severe weather alert and one of those decks would be the perfect place to get struck by lightning. But what a way to go!

    Hope you weekend is better than your week!
  • For once in her life, Whirlwind is leaning to the far right.

    You have to tilt your head almost to read these posts.

    Its like the old ride at Disneyland that tried to convince you that you were getting smaller and smaller and smaller....until you were the size of a molecule.
  • Hey Whirl..after the week I've had, getting struck by lightning with an icy glass of tequila (laced with lime!) in my hand would be a blessing and a fitting end! I had one this week that involved a married male manager, a single female employee and an on again-off again jealous boyfriend and they all work here in the same dept! Spread like wildfire as they always do and it was getting hard to destinquish who was involved and who wasn't. Result: a probation, a transfer, a reprimand and hopefully no legal action later. And that's just ONE, I had 2 other majors going on as well. pity...I'm just venting...come on 5:00!!!!
  • This thread is about to fall off the internet.
  • I wonder if MLS will let us go that long. What if there's a size limit? What if the boxes get too small to write in? What if I stop wondering?

  • It looks like someone or something is trying their best to make each consecutive box only slightly smaller. They hope it will last as long as we do. They may be right.

  • Surely MLS will recognize this for what it is: a good natured contest to test the ingenuity of the forumites. The boss just took his admin. assistant to lunch for admin. assistant day, and invited several members of staff to go along. Result: a gourmet lunch 2 hrs and 45 min long. Wow! I'm glad he has a good assistant!

  • a good natured contest... that's an interesting thought. I wonder if MLS would spring for a free HR HERO mug for whoever ends up being the 300th poster.
  • Good idea, but do you think anyone would be the 299th?

  • Hard to say. I am not sure how the forum mechanism for numberign works. My guess is that there would be a flurry of posting brought on by HR HERO mug mania and it would be anybody's ballgame to win.

  • I'm willing to be the 299th. Keep those cards and letters coming in!

  • I don't think the message box is ever going to become a "poof" graphic. I have to scroll waaayyy to the right to be able to see it. It also took forever for this thread to open but the others open right away.

    I was out of the office Friday and am away again tomorrow, (work, not play). Please plan my "1,000th post party", complete with airline tickets and bubble wrap, for Wednesday.


  • HRQ - you are almost there! Good job. When you hit 1,000 posts watch for a special envelope from MLS with your passkey and directions to the "Millenium Club". We have a grand old time. We play a lot of ping pong and drink punch.
  • Ok, Guys and Gals, I'm away the rest of the week camping. Keep up the good work.
  • In the interest of keeping this thread going, I wonder if anyone out there has an opinion on how the "TomKat", "TomKitten" debacle will end. Now that Dr. Cruise has decreed that Katie Holmes will hereafter be known as "Kate" because that is a more mature name befitting a woman who has had a baby, what next?

  • Considering the longevity of the typical Hollywood relationship, this should name change should last only until she makes her next movie.
  • I think the next step is Katie, er Kate realizes she married a total nutjob control freak and she runs screaming from the Cruise compound clutching baby Suri while pursued by members of the Church of Scientology with machine guns.

  • Crud. It's Wednesday and I don't think I'm gonna make it to 1,000. We'll see about tomorrow. Just start the party without me, I like to be fashionably late anyway.

    Cruise's gradual descent into insanity reminds me of Michael Jackson. Amazing what unGodly amounts of money and fame can do to a person. Wonder when his plastic surgery will start.

  • Lori - hey you are almost there! When I added my photo to my profile it didnt work the first time for me either. I cant remember what I did that finally made it work though.. Keep fiddling.

    I remember that picture from ways back I think. Are you kids a bit older now?

    You think Cruise will get as wacko as Jacko? Arent both of them scientologists? Its amazing how quickly Cruise was able to destroy his reputation as a celebrity.

  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-04-06 AT 06:38PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Yes, they are older, as am I. x;-) Maybe it's time for a new picture - I have a lot more gray hair now.

    I tried adding that pic to my profile way back when Leslie was making the "Men/Women of the Forum" calendar, but gave up trying to get it to actually show up. Where IS Leslie these days anyway? I've been away from the Forum for a while and noticed her absence.

    What are you doing up at midnight? I think you are taking the Cruise/Jackson issue too seriously, if it's causing you to lose sleep. x:-D
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