Movers and Shakers

I went to a symposium yesterday sponsored by our local SHRM chapter, the speaker was Dave Ulrich, very interesting and recommended. Anyway, the event was held in the grand ballroom on the 7th floor of a local hotel. At the end of the event of course, 500 people are crowded and waiting at the elevators. A few of us notice a hallway that leads to the hotel rooms and we go seek out the vator there where no one was waiting. While waiting for this elevator to arrive, two young ladies are standing there bragging about how this small group of us were really smart to go find another elevator instead of standing with the masses. When the elevator arrives, the one young lady jumps in first and stands ready at the button panel continuing her self praise stating as the doors closed that "we are the movers and shakers of HR." As she says this she turns to the button panel, stops in confusion, turns to her friend and says "where are we going?" to which a voice from the back of the 'vator said "ya gotta know where you are and where your going to be a mover and shaker!" The 'vator arrived at the ground floor in full laughter but the punch line is poignant!


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