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We have a new CEO who claims not to be hung up on titles, but he wants to know how we label everything. Specifically, he got confused when we called one group of people Senior Staff when one of those people isn't even a Supervisor (me).

What is your understanding of "Senior Staff"? Do you have an established heirarchy of groups with generally broadened inclusiveness and reduced responsibilities until "All Employees" includes the 4-hours a week person who is required to check out a key to even use the public restroom in the lobby... I mean I'm looking for something like: Executive Staff, Admin Staff, Senior Staff, Department Heads, Supervisors, Frontline Staff, Peons, Grunts, etc.

(Okay, so I'm feeling a bit goofy today, but this is a legitimate question, I think.)


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  • I'll give it a shot.
    We have a Sr. Management group (also known as the Cabinet). This group of 8 includes the President/CEO, EVP/COO and their direct reports. After this we refer to our team groups as Supervisors/Middle Management and everyone else falls into the Support Group. The Supervisors/Middle Mgmt group consists of V.P.s', A.V.P.'s and down to first line Supervisors. The Support Group can be Lead positions down to newly hired trainees.
    There is also an Exceutive Committee made up of the President, EVP and two of our Sr. V.P.'s.
    Good luck...
  • Our office is small, so anyone who's an administrator, manager, or VP is "Management". All others are support staff.

  • Even with only 52 positions on our organization chart, the longest "leg" of it has five layers (last level being three employees answering to a supervisor that has no real power at level 4).
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