• I filled up yesterday at 2.47...and felt fortunate!I know that won't last long.

    We have the technology to make more fuel efficient cars and get away from fossil fuels, but the incentive just isn't there for the car companies yet.
  • Well, it isn't necessarily the consumer or voters that cause the major projects to be undertaken. The Manhattan Project was started because of new technology and the desire to get the bomb- first. Getting to the moon was because the Russians beat us into space. The government has known about oil supplies for years so should have taken more than the puny alternative fuel initiatives that have taken place. Maybe consumers and voters will have more of an effect this time because we are immediately effected.
  • This very morning a guy at the gas station I always go to told me that by the end of today gas in New Jersey will be up to $3.00...he claims they were told yesterday to prepare for the spike...we'll see.
  • In mid-Missouri we are paying $2.59 a gallon and word on the street is to be prepared for a 12 -15 cent increase this weekend just in time for Labor Day traffic. I don't fill up often, but when I do it is usually 30 around gallons. I noticed when I pulled up the pump yesterday the the last person before me paid $66.00, I stopped the pump at $40.00.

  • This morning I saw the gas price changing as I drove by: $3.09/gallon. Of course, I'll get it for $2.89/gallon with my Kroger card. But still, I'm looking at over $40.00 to fill a standard sedan.

    Anne in Ohio
  • On my way home yesterday I noticed the spike. I pass 3 gas stations when I get off the highway. 2 of them were $2.90 up from $2.64. One stayed at $2.57(noname gas station). My husband left to get a haircut last night and said on his way home that the cheap noname gas station was up to $2.95. I cringe at the thought that my sedan will cost around to $40 to fill. When I first got the car in '02 it was about $12 to fill it.

    My husband and I are going to buy a car for him to drive to work. (90 miles a day) He currently drive an Explorer (15 miles/gallon).
  • Article in said to expect $4.00 at the pump soon. YIKES! I am considering making a run to Walmart for 5 gallon gas cans and plastic tubing.

    I think I will also buy all the locking gas caps like cars used to have and resell them on ebay when people start siphoning our gas while we're parked at church (or whatever your house of worship is) on Sundays (or wahtever day your sabbath is). Damn, I'm on a PC roll!
  • I guess I am one of the few who have changed. Gas is a fact of life. I already live 1 1/2 miles from work and kids' schools so there is not much driving habits to change but what I have changed... It prompted me to reduce my redundent phone bill and internet bill. I will pay $50 less each month in bills. I am looking for other unnecessary bills or overpayments.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-31-05 AT 04:03PM (CST)[/font][br][br]I've changed my driving habits, too. I've got a 5 mile round trip to work. I've stopped driving home for lunch and now bring it with me. I'll also make due and delay a much needed trip to walmart to coincide with the weekly grocery trip.

    Yesterday at 9:15AM, gas was $2.50/gal here. By 10:30AM, it had jumped to $2.79/gal, and we're expecting an increase before 5PM today to $3. We've already got people lined up like it was 1976... Why do the gas stations do that? I mean, the stores aren't getting their tanks refilled every few hours, so why the mid-day price adjustment?
  • This morning I saw a number of stations at $2.99 - no one seems to want to be the first with $3 - but I'm sure once one does, they all will.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-31-05 AT 03:18PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Saw it here in Seekonk Mass. today, $3.09 a gallon premium! I filled up at a no name... $2.60/gal. and felt like had gotten away with something. Go figure.... Hi Deidre....
  • $3.29/gal regular unleaded, up by $.60 since yesterday in the Milwaukee area. Yikes!
  • I just heard it hit $3.99 in Western NC. I believe a bit of uneccesary panic is going on around here. They are starting to ration gas becuase the mountain folk are starting to stockpile.
  • I am in Augusta, GA and we had a mass of employees leave at lunch to fill up. Panic is beginning to take hold. Reports of some of the more rural stations running out. Photos of cars and cars waiting in line. We had a conference call today with corporate execs to possibly raise our mileage reimbursement rate 4 cents. Of course, that will be a huge hit to budgets and we were told to find the money elsewhere. This is going to be a crazy labor day weekend!!
  • The most expensive I saw last night was $3.17. It's still $3.17 this morning. I paid $2.99 last night at a Shell station. Usually they are one of the more expensive brands to buy.

    Anne-Where is the noname $2.60 place. I might have to check it out next time I need gas.

    I saw on the news this morning that in Atlanta, GA premium gas prices are around $6 per gallon and regular is around $5.79. That's unreal!
  • The media chastised everyone this morning. The only reason the price went up here was because everyone started freaking out and just HAD to fill up their tanks. Something about an email stating stations would close at midnight and capping fill-ups at $50. What were they thinking?? It was one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in a while. I mean, don't you think there would have been some sort of official announcement from the governor or somebody if that was really true! Arrgghh...
    Judt goes to show how simple it is to create chaos. Next thing you know, all the bread and milk will be gone!
  • ARGHHHH. And I was going to go to the store tonight for my usual 2 week trip! Now I'll look like a hoarder.

    Gas here in Cincinnati is $3.09 for regular, even at the "cheap" stations. Kroger gas pumps are too far away from me to make it worthwhile to get it there, even with the discount. This morning only 1 station still had it at $2.99 for regular. I'm going to have to start putting regular into my old Explorer. I've been using plus because it runs so much better. With 205,500 miles on it, it likes the better juice. My dad got a Hybrid last month and gets fantastic mileage. I may start researching those.
  • I was down around a quarter tank so I filled up at lunch. Put in 25 gallons for $71.50 ($2.86 a gallon). I have always loved the term "disposable income." Webster says this means, "remaining to an individual after deduction of taxes" or "to be used once and then thrown away." So far not rush, panic or price gouging of gas in this area. Prices did go up about 30 cents a gallon this week.

  • Local prices are now at $3.20 per gallon. We inceased our company mileage reimbursement to 40 cents per mile effecitve immediately. We also requested our Board review this number each quarter rather than once a year.
  • Wednesday, after the hurricane, I sat in a line for almost two hours. $3.19 for regular. $20 limit. Cash only. I had $4.00 and didn't know it was cash only. Thursday morning, 3:15 a.m., heard about gas north of here. Sat in a line for an hour. Was able to fill up my truck and two 5 gallon cans for motorcycle. $3.10. Yesterday morning, called police at 5:30 a.m. to ask if any station had gas. Texaco on Interstate 55, short line. At least 250 cars. $25 limit, almost filled up wife's car. Police stationed at all gas stations, tempers flaring, single-finger salutes abundant, cut in line - get arrested, one station comandeered by city for official use only.

    On a weekend of absolutely beautiful weather, when the power suddenly comes on, while everybody is trying to clean up their property and being thankful they're alive, the sound of gas-powered lawnmowers that were silent was almost deafening.

  • Price of gas in central PA ranges from $3.19 - 3.39. Our company hasn't adjusted the mileage reimbursement rate but I personally am TRYING to drive slower. More like the speed limit.
  • I'm no aerodynamics or energy expert, but what does 'slower' have to do with fuel conservation? Shouldn't we be driving 'shorter.' ? x:-/
  • Short people do tend to think in terms of 'short'(?). I have always been told that people who 'lead foot' the gas pedal waste gas. So, I think it is true that slower driving conserves gas. It is also true that stop and go traffic burns more gas. So, it is recommended that stop and go be reduced by running redlights during the energy crisis.
  • You callin' me short!? Lead foot!? Today I am 1/2" taller than the national average - thanx to heels! And I haven't had a speeding ticket since . . . . (nevermind).

    Anyway, about the 'shorter' vs. 'slower' thing here. My husband travels 30 miles one way to work and I travel 2. If we both go 40 - 60 MPH (the best economic performance when a car reaches maximum torque), he still uses a lot more fuel than I do.

    I go through two school zones on my way so I'll never be able to test that theory on my way to work.
  • Congratulations! Your analysis is correct that he uses more fuel if his trip is 15 times further than yours. I came up with the same answer.

    But, it is also true that if he drives 40 miles an hour rather than 70, he will use less fuel. He will also use less fuel if he rolls down the windows and cuts the A/C off. He will also use less fuel if he does not let the engine idle for ten minutes in the Burger King drive through every morning.

    And, in the interest of what you call 'maximum torque', if you drive two miles, through two school zones, at 40-60 mph, I predict you will lose your license real soon. Susan can pick you up or you can walk. x:-)
  • LivindonSouth - Thanks for reaffirming what my mother told me many moons ago (I thought she was just trying to protect me from speeding tickets!) Good point about the A/C. Gas here is down to 2.89 - and we're happy about this why?
    Seriously, thanks for the list of items to send to those in need. My husband's cousin has a trucking firm near Haitesburg and although there was some damage there, one of his truck driver's mother-in-law and sister-in-law are still missing. Very sad for all victims and families affected.
  • Ever check out [url][/url] In many large cities (and some small ones), you can find out which gas stations have the lowest price on any given day. There are other websites out there like this one, but I can't think of what they are off the top of my head.
  • Gas prices have gone down slightly here. They were heading for 3.50 but have settled down to about 3:15. I bought it at 2.99 last Friday at Irving but Sam's was down to 2.85 yesterday.

    Cheryl C.
  • I changed the way I do things involuntarily, by totalling my car a month ago. That's one way to get out of paying higher gas prices...
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