I want to wish all you forumites well who are in harm's way with Dennis on his way to the Gulf coast. I pray for your safety. We have already been asked to be ready to lend a hand in the area for power outages and plan to have crews where ever they are needed. We never have to ask for volunteers, they are all ready to help out if needed.



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  • We're getting ready to just in case. Our plant in FL went down for a few days during last years' storms and we were asked to step-in. We're a supplier to McD's and let me tell you, come hell or high water, people expect to walk through the Golden Arches and get their fare no matter what natural disaster may have just occured!

  • That reminds me of one of our snow storms we had this past winter. After we went sledding we wanted to go get something to eat. As we drove around, nothing was opem EXCEPT McDonald's. We went in and ordered; they had a limited menu because of the storm and signs posted that the menu was limited. We didn't mind at all, we understood!
  • It has rained here off and on since Friday, noon. Odd type of rain. Sun will be out, then the sky gets black and it busts out raining for about an hour, then stops. I think it's the swirly type winds. Tonight and tomorrow will bring dumping rains for days, maybe most of the week. Lots of traffic coming north on 55 from the coast of MS, LA, FL. Many out of state tags at the service stations around here. Churches and gymnasiums are set up as shelters. No motels to be had. People are being asked to 'take people in' or 'provide for families'; but, sadly, you can't trust people enough for that any more.

    Disclaimer: This message is not intended to offend or attack. It is posted as personal opinion. If you find yourself offended or uncomfortable, email me and let me know why.
  • We have a guest room for a couple of Southerners to find shelter from the storm. It's lovely here in NH today...I'll be mowing my lawn and praying for those in Dennis' path. God bless you all!!!

    Cheryl C.
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