Macho, Macho, Man, I want to be a.......

Macho Man. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the following: (10 being the highest-think incredible Hulk or something like that)

Yesterday morning (Sun) I was lying in bed; my husband got up to feed the dogs and let the cat inside when I heard my husband yelling at the top of his lungs for the cat to stop doing something. Just as I was wondering what in the world could be that serious, he yells for me to come out there, to the kitchen. I am in the kitchen not fully awake yet and ask what is wrong? He screams that Simon (our cat) brought a bunny in the house. I'm thinking it is a dead bunny and simultaneously wondering how come he let the cat inside if it had a bunny in its mouth? Didn't he notice a dead bunny hanging out of the cat's mouth before opening the sliding glass door? But I don't see it and he says right there on the kitchen table. Then I notice this tiny bunny no bigger than my hand scurrying around. My husband shrieks for me to pick it up which I calmly do and start to take it outside. Our two dogs by then are waiting with mouths open for me to come outside. I am a little bit smarter than that. I wasn't going to just feed the bunny to the dogs, but my husband shrieks at me again "NO, Don't let the dogs eat him!" which startled me and the bunny jumped out of my hands and ran behind the microwave stand. My husband tells me again to get the bunny - I tell him to get it. He says "no way it might bite me." So he scares the bunny my way where once again I pick it up. Only after I put it in a bucket with a lid on it would he take it, (outside to freedom). By then, I was laughing hysterically that he was afraid of a bunny that was no bigger than my hand. His excuse was that he didn't want to get rabies or something!

I don't know, what do you all think? Scared or Macho?


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