May she rest in peace.

Terry Schiavo died today as a result of her husband not wanting her to live. I can't put it any simpler than that. Isn't it ironic that we are feeding a convicted killer on death row, but are allowed to slowly starve to death a woman whose only crime was in making a poor selection of a life mate.


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  • Well said. May she rest in peace.
  • Regardless of what side you come in on ... the husband's or the parents ... you have to agree that the hubby's demand that her parents be removed from the room when it was evident the time was short, and not permitting them to be there for her actual passing, is horrible!! How hateful do you have to be to not allow a mom (and dad) to be there with THEIR CHILD as they pass on!!! What a complete JERK!
  • I heard a different story. The mom no longer wanted to visit the daughter. As a matter of fact I did see the dad saying that at a press conference. So, how can you say the husband prevented it?
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-02-05 AT 02:47PM (CST)[/font][br][br]That was part of the lead story on announcing her passing. I tried to find the story again, but don't know how to search their website for their past stories.

    (Edit: It might have been where I read the story...those are the two sources of news in my life.)
  • I hate to even think this but who do you suppose has the movie rights, book deal, etc?
  • Probably the husband. I just have a creepy feeling about what might have motivated the husband to behave as he did. Was he the ONLY person who knew her wishes regarding her life if she was incapacitated? Why didn't she have a living will (maybe she was Catholic and felt the moral imperative of preservation of life was self-evident)? Why wouldn't the husband allow her parents to be with her daughter at the moment of death? Why deny access to a priest? Something's just a little fishy here.
  • Re the $ question: Why didn't he divorce her a long time ago and turn her over to her parents to care for? They obviously wanted her. I don't believe for a minute that he was motivated by what Terri's wishes were. After all, he has a girlfriend he lives with, and they have 2 children. He could have been free to marry her.
  • Any way you spin it, even taking into account that you cannot count on the truth of the media, this guy sounds like a true, blue @**hole! While I may not have a living will, I can guarantee you that more than just my husband knows my wishes. My parents, brother, nieces, nephews, cousins. Gotta wonder that as close as her family claims to have been, not to mention her female friends, that no one but him ever heard her say she didn't want to live that way. Then the final act of cruelty (next to starving her to death slowly, which by the way why isn't that murder where if they'd given her an overdose of something to ease her out would have been), he wouldn't allow her parents to be with her as she slipped away. Hateful, hateful man!
  • No matter what the differences were in the family, it takes an evil, hard-hearted person to deny the family the right to be with her when she finally passed away.

    You've got to wonder why this man hung on to what he considered a vegetable, got involved with another woman, fathered children with her. He will be a rich man (materially).
  • May she indeed rest in peace. How horrible to know that in our country when so many, many questions were evident, the decision was made by our legal system that she should slowly starve to death. Yet we pay millions of dollars to keep death row inmates alive. Kinda scary to see which lives have value nowadays, at least to me. Her husband is indeed horrible, but I submit his attorney and some of the judges are not better.
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