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Have any of you seen the magazine ad of Lever 2000 soap showing a baby chewing on an adult's toe? I know this is supposed to portray how clean a person is if he uses the soap, but I find it totally disgusting. Maybe it's just me, but I wonder what kind of parent would allow their baby to be used in this way.


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  • Yes, and I also went EEEEWWWWW. Once you step out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor, I consider that contaminated! But maybe that's because my husband wears his work boots from the cattle pens into the house. Still - EEEWWWW.
  • I havn't seen it and I agree it sounds disgusting. But in terms of what babies put in their mouths, it's probably one of the cleaner things to find its way there. I hope it never runs next to the lamisil commercial UGGH
  • Probably the same kind that places their toddler's food directly on the table in a restaurant, then allows their toddler to pick the food up off of the table and place it in their mouth, without care or worry of who or what previously touched that table, and without regard for the fact those tables are not wiped down with sanitary or anti-bacterial supplies. Or probably the one who takes their toddler to the shopping mall play area, day care, or church nursery and allows it to roam freely among the other sniffling, drooling toddlers and sits idley watching (or allows the keepers to sit idley watching) as they all put their mouths on each other, the various and assundry toys, and/or play equipment. At least the assumption is that the toe was freshly bathed with a name brand soap and you know where it's just been, figuratively speaking.
  • Personally I don't watch commercials, even if I'm sitting right in front of the tv my mind tunes out commercials. However, I don't think this would bother me, I live with 2 dogs, and I'm a mother and a step-grandmother. Kids put all kinds of things in their mouths, mine did, I'm sure I did, and we survived. The only way this could be "disgusting" would (in my humble opinion) be for the viewer to make it so.
  • For the right amount of money, I would have allowed my son to be used this way. If it had been my toe and I knew where it had been and how it had been cleansed, you bet!

    What I'm amused at is these young couples I see at restaurants who take out the wipes and antibacterial liquid and make a big show of disinfecting everything within ten yards of their precious baby. Two things amaze me about this practice: First, this same couple will drop their baby off at day care the next morning without a thought, and second, the poor kid will never develop any immunities if they treat him/her like this all the time. Didn't your mom say 'You've gotta eat a bushel of dirt in your lifetime'? I figure you might as well get off to a fast start, then become more particular as you age.
  • Right on Hunter. I knew kids who laid down at the property line and drank water out of the street gutter. I grew up with those who ate buggers all day long and some who dropped their food on the cafeteria floor, then ate it. Gross. I can also tell you that I spent three days in a recliner after eating raw chicken livers off a makeshift grill in the woods. We can all obsess about this crap; but, to no avail. Kids do sh*t, then they grow up and move on.
  • Don, you were lucky it was a recliner instead of a different type of "throne" of the porcelain variety. xflash
  • Oh, there were countless side trips in that direction as well. I thought I would die. I had nobody to check on me and groaned and moaned for three or four days. But, now, sucking toes is quite an appropriate activity under some circumstances.
  • Hey Don! I'm curious. Could you elucidate what those other circumstances would be? :-?
  • Why all the fuss? Hasn't everyone heard of the Five Second Rule? Provided the toe isn't on the floor more than five seconds, it's clean.
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