Tragic Texas Murder

On the news now is the tragic end of a story in Tyler, Texas involving a young woman abducted, on camera, at Wal Mart. The surveillance cameras showed a male follow her out and to her truck and kidnap her and drive away. Now her body is found in the same county. By an odd twist, the man was shot later in a trailer park robbery attempt and went for medical treatment where he was arrested by an astute deputy sheriff. Here's the part that really chaps me: Wal Mart's security guard said that the man had been hanging around the front of the store for TWO HOURS and the guard had approached him and the guy said he was waiting for a ride.

The guard accepted that and went back to smoking cigarets and napping in the little car with the yellow flashing lite on top. (That's my personal contribution to the news flash)

As an HR Manager also in charge of security and safety, I find it incredible that trained security personnel would allow a person to loiter on private property for two hours after that explanation. The cops should have been called by the guard after 20 minutes of observing the man. I imagine lawyers are lining up on this one.


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