Political humor?

A husband approached his wife and says, "I just figured out a way to find out what our son is going to do when he grows up. Watch."
He put a twenty dollar bill on the kitchen table, commenting that it represented a career in the banking industry. Next to it, he placed a Bible, representing life in the ministry, and next to that, he put a bottle of cheap whiskey, representing life as a Skid Row alcoholic.
The parents then hid behind the drapes and waited for their 10 year old son to come home. When he came in, he picked up the twenty dollar bill and held it to the light, carefully examining it. He put the bill back down and then opened the Bible and read a couple of pages. Then he opened the whiskey bottle and sniffed the cork.
After he was done examining the items, he looked around quickly, stuffed the twenty dollar bill into his pocket, tucked the Bible under his arm, took a swig of the whiskey, and carried everything up to his room.
"Oh, good Lord!" cried the husband. "He's going to be a Republican!"


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