Formally Saying Goodb ye and Good Luck.

Well, with the end of an Open HRHero Forum around the corner, and the weekend here, I want to at least formaly post my good bye and good luck to everyone -- both those who are staying and those, like me, who are leaving.

I've enjoyed the many years I've posted on the Forum -- for about the last six years or so.

I've enjoyed the advice and responses and the arguments. They've been fun.

I wish the new format well and I'm sure the hard work all of the Forum moderators will keep the Forum succssful.

And gain, my best wishes for success to everyone.

You all take care.

I'll stick around through the weekend and post. But again, I wanted this to be my formal goodbye.


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  • Goodbye Hatchetman! x:-(

    It just won't be the same around here without you and the others. I'll miss your posts, your humor and I'll miss your willingness to stand up for your opinions. Good luck in all you do!
  • Axeman I hope you are one of the 'frequent posters' the gods are willing to smile on temporarily. I have always thought of myself as pretty knowlegeble about FLSA issues, but I have come to rely on you for information backed up by specific citation. I'm a subscriber, so I guess I'm staying, but given the uproar and some things that have made me very unhappy about the way the thing is run, I intend to limit my time here. The good news is I will get lots more done. But I will miss folks like you. In my mind, just another in an increasingly long line of misques by the folks who own and run this operation. I worry that the thinking that makes them do this sort of thing may also impact on the other materials they put out. I had come to believe the most valuable part of the subscription was the forum (all this time I thought everyone on here was an HR pro and a subscriber, and the occasional bird brain Don and other savvy members ferreted out was an interloper - fatally naive I guess) and since I have long believed an organization takes on the character of the guy at the top - well...if the guy at the top is making these decisions, and I pay him money to rely on his advice...then I guess I'm the dummy. But, guys like you are the only value this page has, and since I'm more comfortable relying on the collective acvice of a group who actually works in the feild, as opposed to thoses who tell us how it should work, I thin k I'll be on the lokout for a different partner when the subscription runs out. In the meantime, hope you can continue for a few months, but we are the poorer for the loss of those who are leaving. Keep telling us how it is!
  • Take care, Hatchetman. Keep us posted on any great forums you stumble across. I've especially enjoyed your posts in some of the more controversial threads and you always brought a lot to the table. Best of luck.

  • Adios, Resident Wage & Hour Expert. Thanks for all the advice you've given. x:)
  • Here is a post from a distant friend and occasional poster to the Forum whom I will not identify:

    I've read most if not all the complaints about the new format and the forum is losing many excellent participants. That is very unfortunate. But, it is obvious MLS doesn't care, they want a different format regardless of what any current participants think. So, H-man leaves, someone will take his place. That replacement may be less competent. The forum will continue, even if participation is greatly diminished. I participate on other sites that may have anywhere from 0 to 10 posts a day - that's it. But, they are still there. And from the economic standpoint, MLS believes they will not lose one single dime as a result of the change. Because all these interlopers who are leaving weren't contributing to their bottom line anyway. Bottom line - that's all that counts. Hey, how about I suggest they transfer management of the forum to India?
  • Don-I agree with you. The problem is that you are complaining about something that the Republicans believe in--business over the individual. Bottom line over everything.
  • I'm sure that if M. Lee Smith were a Democrat, he would open up the Forum to everyone. He'd probably even take the doors off his building and let people come in and sleep at night. He'd even rent circus tents and feed everyone free out back of the building. And he'd invite them to take a portion of whatever belongs to him with them when they leave the property. I'm sure he would. Well, almost sure.
  • Bye Hatchetman. I'll see you on the Workforce forum where you're very active. You always give great answers and have helped all of us a lot. You will be missed. Thanks for your time.
  • The best to ya Hatchet. . you are a name I remember from my very beginning here, some 5 years ago. I have learned much from you. Thanks.
  • Hatch, it's a sad day. I'll miss you. Maybe we'll meet again on the Workforce site.
  • Hatchetman,

    You're one of the pillars of the Forum, and we'd love for you to stay here longer.

    Did you get my e-mail on Thursday? E-mail me if you didn't.

    James Sokolowski

  • See you Hatchet. I too appreciate someone who stands up for what they beleve. Even though I don't always agree with it. God bless.

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