I guess if there is any correct place this would be the one to ask for vacation advice. I know it is very short notice but I simply did not think to ask before. Does anyone know of any must see or must do activities in the Hershey, PA area? My family and I leave tomorrow for PA. We are actually staying in Harrisburg but plan to visit Hershey, Gettysburg, Lancaster and anything else that catches our eyes. I welcome any suggestions. Thanks.


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  • My sister told me that there's a huge rose garden in Hershey. It could be part of a bigger arboritum (sp?). This was a few years ago but she said she was told it's one of the biggest rose gardens in the world.
    Have a super and safe trip!
  • How old are your kids? That may have an impact. Anyway, you MUST go to the Strasburg Railroad in Strasburg. They have a museum to go through plus a ride into the Lancaster County farmland which, in and of itself, is breathtaking! Kind of cliche, but all the tourists, do it, take the family to the "Good and Plenty" Restaurant. Family style dining but lots of good local fare. The restaurant is down the road a few miles from the Strasburg Railroad. Of course, while in Hershey, you MUST tour the Hershey factory where they make the famous Hershey kisses. Also, while in Hershey, go in and have afternoon tea at the famous Hershey Hotel. It's spectacular just to walk into the place! Since you are close to Harrisburg, you can go over to City Island and take in a baseball game, if they are playing, or perhaps walk around. Usually on the weekends, something is going on with crafts, music, etc. Let's see, what else? In Lancaster County, there are all the "tourist" places to see what the Amish are all about. Do NOT go to the Amish village! The Amish do not live in villages! Just drive around the back roads and you will see their farms. Oh, in the town of Bird-in-Hand, up the road from Strasburg, they have Abe's buggy rides. Your family might enjoy that! Also, further up the road from Bird-in-Hand, is the town of Intercourse. Really! No joke. Great area to walk around with lots of shops. Real quaint! Most tourists stand in front of the town sign and have their picture taken. For some reason they get a hoot out of it! Go Figure! Anyway, here's a start. Hope you have a fun time.!
  • I also recommend a visit to the Whitaker Center in downtown Harrisburg. They have a great hands-on science museum and an IMAX theater. You can always visit HersheyPark if you're into rides. If you are into pampering yourself, the Hershey Hotel has a spa that offers chocolate baths.
  • As one who lives 40 miles from the immaculate Vicksburg Federal Civil War Military Park, I was disappointed to see the uncut weeds all over the Gettysburg park, so I hope they've cleaned up their act since two years ago.

    There's a Harley-Davidson assembly facility around York and they give tours. You don't get to see that kind of thing every day anywhere else in the world. Someone who lives up there will have to tell you the specific directions.

    You should go by the Eisenhower shrine/house/farm near Gettysburg. But I will caution you to follow the signs and do not try to go around back and walk up the private sidewalk where the rangers hang out. x:-8
  • Sounds like the voice of experience.
  • Harley-Davidson plant is easy to find. Picture a straight line east to west -- this is Route 30. Far west on Route 30 is Gettysburg, as you travel east you come to York, then Lancaster, then Strasburg (via Rt. 896). Harrisburg and Hershey are off PA 283 which intersects with Rt. 30 in Lancaster. Easy access to everything.

    Anyway, from Lancaster traveling West on Rt. 30 toward York, (there is a string of 13 lights that go through the area, a real pain, but alas!)....anyway, I think it is light 5, turn right and the Harley plant is right in front of you.

    You can tour the Gettysburg battlefields by horseback if you are interested in something like that!
  • Thanks for all of the advice and suggestions. I should have mentioned the ages of my kids. They are 10 and 5. I'll keep checking back for more insight. Hershey park and factory is the only thing that we absolutely have to see. I sure would have liked to visit the Willy-Wonka Chocolate Factory.
  • If you'd like to travel South into Maryland about 70 miles, you can take a cruise in the Chesapeake Bay on the historic Skipjack Martha Lewis. The Captain and Crew are knowledgeable and courteous.

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  • Or...if you want to travel 425 miles north you can visit me in historic Concord, New Hampshire. Lots of tax-free shopping !!! Yep, it's Friday again xhugs
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-09-04 AT 12:48PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Or, 2,450 miles west and do some more tax-free shopping in Oregon (state motto: Come to visit, but please don't stay). x:-)
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