Happy 4th

I'm off for a long 4 day weekend and wanted to wish a HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all! Hope ya'll have a safe and happy weekend, enjoy the fireworks and bbq's, and let us never forget all those who have fought to keep our freedom.

God bless us all.



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  • Thanks Judy. We'll probably head to the coast for the day (weather permitting) and then come back and watch the fireworks in town.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-01-04 AT 06:39PM (CST)[/font][br][br]I have to work Sunday night - HR Professional will be passing herself off as a bartender for (are you ready for this) a Paul Revere and the Raiders concert. Great thing is we'll have some tremendous fireworks after and I'll have a front row, er, bar seat. See, kicks ain't so hard to find! x;-)
  • Careful, Leslie. PR&R got started here in Portland. Some Oregon might rub off on you! Matter of fact, I think they were here last weekend in concert along with Herman's Hermits and Chad and Jeremy.

    Enjoy the show anyway. I'll have a draught while you're at it. x;-)
  • Gee thanks Beags...it'll be so nice to know someone is thinking of me with a tall cold one while I'm sweating my a** off!
  • No, no, Leslie. I was ORDERING a draught when you're tending bar Sunday. There's a tip in it for you if you FedEx it to Portland (but please make sure it's not all foam). x:-)
  • Here in the Twin Cities it'll be Eric Burton and the Animals, Tops and Temps, Herman's Hermits, and a bunch of paddle boats, including The Mississippi Queen. I would love to be sitting on a paddleboat listening to a John Hartford concert, God rest his foot stompen' soul.
  • We're taking my son downtown into Charlotte to see fireworks. If we go down early we'll see Kool and the Gang (I love those guys!), and there are other bands coming. Should be fun!
  • My husband and I have tickets to watch the fireworks over the Mississippi from the deck of the Celebration Belle. Can't wait, should be a once in a lifetime kind of experience.
  • We'll be heading north this afternoon for a weekend of family time. The younger of my two brothers got married a couple of months ago for the fourth time, and they're having a reception for family and friends in Minneapolis tomorrow morning. Then, will head south for a visit with my sister and her family in Owatonna, and a free outdoor concert by the Minnesota Orchestra.

    Sunday, will spend the day with spouse's two daughters and our eight-year-old grandson in west suburban Minneapolis. "Grumpy" plans to take Tyler, who's now really into golf, out to the driving range, while I spend the day with stepdaughters. We'll all take in fireworks in the evening, Minnesota weather permitting.

    Monday, we'll be returning to Omaha via Collins, Iowa, to visit my 21-year-old "baby" who just graduated with an associates degree in business administration. He and his "intended" are moving to Arizona later next week, where he's got a job as general manager of a Subway sandwich store.

    The older I get, the stronger the "pull" to stay as close to family as I can. I'm really looking forward to a full weekend with kith and kin!
  • And the same to all. As a naturalized citizen I am thankful for the holiday that didn't come by birth. Having been born in England, though, I know deep down that we are really not better off than we were 250 years ago!! It's a secret that we Britishers have. That's a joke, conservatives.
  • My weekend will be great. I'm spending it at the beach Saturday and Sunday. My fiance and I will be sailing. Sunday night my fiance and I will be taking in the fireworks in Newport. The fireworks will be synchronized to music played from the Queen Mary. The Queen Mary is docking in Newport this weekend just for the festivities. We have a reserved parking spot (sometimes it pays to know people) near where the Queen Mary will be anchored. Monday will be time spent relaxing at home. I can't wait!

    Have a happy and safe 4th!
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