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I have spent just a bit of time on the website suggested in another post as an althernative to the forum. I must say I am disappointed in it. Some of the information is quite similar, but it is difficult to get to posters profiles and you cannot set up a way to be notified if replies hit the topics you are following. True, I was just there for a short time and probably missed all sorts of bells and whistles that make the site work better, but all in all, it is not as good. Neither is the SHRM site, although I will say the content on the SHRM site is very good.

You must be on the site to follow posting threads though, no gong show as Pork call the notifications.

Any others like the site?


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  • I noticed that Hatchetman, using the same monicker, has over a thousand posts on one of them. Perhaps he can comment. I spent a little time on one last nite. As expected, at first it's a bit difficult to negotiate, but so was this one, I'm sure.
  • All the HR sites I visit are good.

    I think seeing different opnions expressed in different groups and BB's is really helpful. I'm still earning and r-thinking on some of the issues.

    The partilar website Don that you mention is helpful There are some knowledgable people on that BB as well.

    I know that all of the moderators of all the BB's do try their best and succeed in what they are doing. They make posting fun and easy. I am pleased to be able to post on all the boards and particpate in meaningful and helpful HR discussions and arguments with the gang of idiots---er, posters on all the boards.

    That's why in a way I have to disagree with Marc. I don't think that the HR BB's themselves are competing with each other beyond the effort to make sure they are keeping pace with "HR BB industry." Their parent companies may be but not the BB's.

    I doff my underwear to them all (See none of you knew that I wear my CLEAN underwear on my head. But I suspect Don guessed that already since I'm a crazy liberal pinko Democrat -- in California, at that).

    And yes, I do have typing problems on the other BB's as well, especially on SHRM (SHRM doesn't let me edit my typos after I post).
  • I wish I knew which site you are referring to in this post.
  • There are actually two web-sites referenced in this thread. One is [url][/url] which is the SHRM site, the other is [url][/url] site. Both have bulletin boards that are somewhat similar.
  • Thanks Marc,

    Yes, SHRM was mentioned specifically; it was the other one that wasn't.

    Going to go browse it now.

    Thanks again,

  • I did visit that Workforce website. It was easy enough to register ( FREE access !) and post, which I did a few. It will take time getting used to, just like when I started here the Forum two years ago.

  • I went to workforce and saw ritaanz and mcmel- how long have you two been moonlighting?
  • Just checking it out, because I do need a resource AFTER July 19th. x:(

    I've noticed their conversations don't get into as much detail as they do here, but maybe they just don't have the camaraderie (sp?) that has grown here. Hopefully it will develop over time.
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