Normally I'm not a clock watcher but today is my last day of work before going on a week of vacation so I have the vacation itch. Going camping and fishing with my beautiful wife for three days next week, leaving my 15yo son with Grandma, dogs and cat in the kennel, lap top and cell phone will be at home. Freedom, no worries, no late night phone calls from ee's etc.

Oh I'll miss the Forum for the time I am away from my laptop but will check in some time next week. Have a great weekend! :DD


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  • Have a good one, Safety. If any of us in my company went on vacation and didn't take his cell phone or laptop, I think the owner would have a coronary! You're very fortunate to be able to get away from it all and I'm envious! x:-)
  • I have a premonition. About your second day on your trip, camping with your lovely wife, you will be peacefully asleep in a cabin or tent or trailer somewhere with a starry night spread throughout the sky. You will wake up and roll over and call your wife by either the name of Don or Ray or Beaglepuss. She will either slap you or commit you. But you cannot avoid it. That's what happens when one obsesses about something to distraction. It can't be helped. Maybe you can arrange separate quarters. That's all that can be done. I'm sorry.
  • After picking myself up off the floor from uncontrollable laughter I realized you were right and I need to think of an excuse ASAP. I should also limit my intake of adult beverages, this might help avoid any unwanted name calling in the night. By the way we will be in a tent, as I like to experience the outdoors in a semi-primitive state if that makes any sense.

    I confess that I will have my cell with me but guess what; there is no service at the lake unless I drive to higher ground. That I’ll do on the second day to check voice mail or to call 911 after calling my wife a name other than her own.
  • Have a great time! I wish I was going camping, but maybe we'll go in two weeks for my birthday, it's a great time for fall colors. I wouldn't ever bring my cell or laptop; I'd quit first. We usually camp in Itasca State Park, right near the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi, and home to the state's largest white and red pines. This is no place for technological advances.

    Have a great trip, relax, and enjoy!

  • I hope Safety does like me and stays off the forum while on vacation.
  • Ray: I'm distressed. Here's why: Safety's wife has spent the past week diging things out of the storage room and shopping for things to take along to make HIM happy; snack foods, a new skillet, candles, colorful plastic forks, a new pillow or two, a notebook for journaling, maybe a new hatchet and a couple of really neat fold out canvas chairs to make him comfortable and she no doubt wrapped up the week by reading an article on backrubs and stopping in at Victoria's Secrets. Safety, on the other hand, spent his week cleaning off his desk and telling the Forum he'll miss us and making plans to go to higher ground to check on work. This is distressing.
  • Well, he did say he was on a WEEK of vacation and would be checking in sometime this week after he returns from his 3 day camping trip. That means he will be on the forum during his vacation. Yes, distressing.
  • OK Don D you asked for the report and here it is. I spent the weekend geting all camping and fishing gear ready. On Monday I took my son to school, went to the grocery store for food and snacks, stoped at the bait shop for supplies, the barley pop shop for adult beverages, the gas station for gas and then back to the house to load up.

    We made it to the lake by 2:00 PM and had camp set up and hot coffee by 3:00. By 3:30 I had a line in the water and by 4:00 I had the campfire on.

    I won't bore you with all of the rest suffice to say that I caught one fish, a buzz, and lot of fun. x;-)

    My cell phone unfortunately reached the tower and before I could turn the thing off I received a call on Tuesday morning from work. No emergency, info olny. On Wednesday morning we awoke to 40 mph winds from the North, we were on the South side of the lake, and 2 foot whitecaps. We decided to take our time but to pack up and head for the comforts of home-sweet-home. Made it home by 7:00 PM that evening.

    I did glance at the Forum on Thursday but only long enough to see if there were any new pictures posted, HA HA.

    Oh, I almost forgot, no Don, the only names I called out to my wife already belong to her.

    Today I came back to find a weeks worth of work piled up on my desk, ain't vacation great!
  • What!? No sunburn, broken bones or back pains?
  • >What!? No sunburn, broken bones or back pains?
    No broken bones, no sunburn, after a spinal fusion in 1993 there is constant back pain. I did come home with a broken air mattress though. x:7

  • Not sure I even want to go there, Safety...
  • Well I do! This man ain't gettin' off light. Why was the air mattress broken or busted and who were the witnesses and how much pressure in terms of foot-pounds did it take and at what hour of the night? I also want a transcript of the conversation for the 30 minutes preceeding the air leakage. Someone is at fault here and we need to make a determination.
  • Safety, so this you call a vacation? Three days of packing, shopping and pulling it all together, arriving at the site on Monday afternoon and then packing and stuffing everything back into the truck on Wednesday? Yep. sounds like fun to me. Oh, I did forget about the broken air mattress.....x:P
  • Safety,

    I don't care about the air mattress. I just want to know what lake it was and what kind of fish you caught. Was it a "keeper?"

    Glad you had a reprieve. Get that desk cleaned up!

  • We went to old marina cove at Cedar Bluff lake close to Hays Kansas. Yes, the fish (catfish) was a keeper for me. I grew up in western Kansas and when I go fishing I have no expectations of ever catching anything so I am never disappointed with a fishing trip. When I do catch something it's just icing on the cake!

    I did get the desk half way cleaned up yesterday, man what a stack of stuff.

    OK Don D, the rest of the story is that while attempting to deflate the Aerobed, a plastic latch broke and it is now rendered useless. At least that is the story my better half told to me, as she was packing inside of the tent while I was gathering camping equipment from outside. The conversation 30 minutes prior went something like this, "Let's get the heck out of this 40 mph wind, pack up this stuff and head for the casa."

    As a side note, on Thursday I went fishing in the AM three miles from home and caught a couple of four pounders that went great on the grill Saturday.

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