Rob Schuster and Dove Hunts

[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-24-03 AT 12:19PM (CST)[/font][p]HR-DE-HAR HAR is loaded up so I will risk it and post here. Regarding evolution and creation, Rob posts excellent points. I think I like his wisdom and notice he is relatively new. He's the kind of guy I would invite to a long Saturday drive in the countryside with Jack Daniels. Has excellent points and needn't conclude with apologies to those possibly offended. We needn't obsess in these columns about who among the masses we might offend. We should simply post opinions laced with our own facts based on experience and move on. Rob:Good job! This weekend opens migratory dove season in MS. with Labor Day being opening day. I anticipate this day annually, not because with a killer instinct I get to shoot a shotgun at light grey wide-eyed doves, but because my 23 year old son joins me and other friends for a long day of outdoorsmanship, good grilled food, a couple of adult beverages, those who are brave enough to-strumming and singing, a dash of mosquito spray, and a sweaty ride home only to be faced with the pain of Tuesday morning reporting to the real world. What was the question?


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  • It's over under the HR-de-har section, 'Questions to Ponder'. He posts as Rob S. I re-read it and like it even better today!
  • Wow. Caught me off guard to see my name in a post. I just finished a (Sunday school) class that used the book "how now shall we live", by Chuck Colson (yes the guy who went to jail for Watergate). And it talked about not being a Christian because of blind faith, but learning as much as you can about science and the world.

    In the middle ages, Christians went so far as to kill people who said something like the earth goes around the sun (yes we have many faults throughout history). The book made the point (maybe the teacher pushed this more than the book) that today we need to embrace science and the truth. If our beliefs are correct, then science should back us up in the end.

    Rob Shuster

  • This is going to be an eclectic group of posts - religion, Jack Daniels, and time spent with children. : )

    Don, I couldn't help but think of you last night when the local news media was hyping our Harley Davidson event and how all kinds of advertisers are jumping on the bandwagon. There's a billboard in Milwaukee featuring a bottle of Jack Daniels and the wording is "Champagne just wouldn't be right" I think you would agree.

    As you probably already know, my cabin up north is really an excuse to spend time in the fall with my son and brothers and their children. I'm not the wordsmith that you are, but really identify with your expressed love for time spent with your children.
  • Hunter1 - Where's your cabin up north? I grew up in delightful St. Germain, WI. Ever been there?

    Anne Williams
    Attorney Editor
    M. Lee Smith Publishers, LLC
  • Anne: My cabin is in Taylor County, near Medford, and, of course I've been in St. Germain. Come back home to God's country!

    Don: This year will be Wisconsin's first year of dove hunting. Last year's proposed hunt was stopped by a court order. I'll have to try your recipe. Funny you mention shooting doves off of power lines. The power companies here have been making a big deal about not doing that.
  • Ah, beautiful Medford. Just down the road from infamous Antigo, right? I thought you might enjoy this story - my brother always gives my son Packers stuff for any gift-giving occasion. This morning, Hiatt (age 3) insisted on wearing his packers socks to school - even in the face of the trouncing they received by the Titans last night. Is that loyalty or what?

    Anne Williams
    Attorney Editor
    M. Lee Smith Publishers, LLC
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-28-03 AT 04:12PM (CST)[/font][p]Don's Twin: Caught you, you are not "Dandy Don's Twin"; he would know that the Dove Hunt does not start this week end, it starts on Monday morning. Now are you glad you showed up for this post with "egg on your face" Dandy Don would never miss this type of detail and correctness in his post.


    OOPs, I jumped to write before I finished reading the sentence, WOW I thought you needed to be quickly informed. I went back and finished, now who is Rob and where is his post?
  • Pork! You ain't payin' attention! I mention Labor Day being opening day. News Flash! Labor Day is Monday, even in Mississippi. You should demand Monday off!Also look deeper at this thread. I reveal who Rob is in the comment following Hunter1's question. x:-)
  • Dandy Don & Twin: It is not that I'm not paying attention it is that this addiction I have for HrHero is way faster than my ability to get in & get out, back to work and back to HrHero for more discussions. There definately is good works done her until we start writing about "toilets and who S__T John; OOPs (that should be shot). The turnover post was great because I have for 28 years done this manually and that post will save me a great amount of time and energy. Not to mention the weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and year end computations. Today's activity has found an "ole dawg that is willing and able to learn new things". The day is already Blessed and Rob Shuster will be please and also Blessed!. Got to run and clean up my guuunnns to shoot the many doves flying in to rest from the war into my bird feeder; hundreds have found a roost in my oak trees in my back yard. My home is in the country, so I will not go far to find a "grilling" mess.

    May all of you out there have a Blessed and Safe Labor Day week-end; the "Bulldawgs" and the "Ducks" will be at war this week-end. Hunting starts Saturday night in BULLDAWG COUNTRY and the "Dawgs" are "up in Here, already" and ready for the battle. ESPN@ will carry the event, ya'll be there now uhear!

  • >PORK
    >OOPs, I jumped to write before I finished reading the sentence, WOW I
    >thought you needed to be quickly informed. I went back and finished,
    >now who is Rob and where is his post?

    It's in the Har de Har section, "Questions to ponder" posted by yours truly. Rob has a reply within.


  • Isn't shooting doves kinda like shooting Bambi? Pigeons, I could understand, maybe, but not doves! x:o
  • Pigeons and doves are in the same family if that comforts you. But they are protected by federal migratory game bird laws and can only be hunted for several split-months per year. I have two feeders on the patio and on a good day have 25 doves right outside my windows. We have them named. I could kill a daily limit in one shot, but, hey, I'm a sportsman, plus my wife would divorce me. I won't shoot one unless she/he is flying overhead or sitting on a powerline at least 40 yards off. Wrapped in bacon, on the grill for 15 minutes, basted in Italian salad dressing, buttered asparagas on the side, wild rice, homemade biscuits, gravy, iced tea.......maaaaaaannnnn!
  • It bothers you not that the one you are eating might have been one you had named? I will never eat quail again since I have Bob Whites and their families at my feeder.. it has ruined me. .
  • Sonny: BUT THEY TASTE SO GOOD! GOD PUT THEM HERE FOR MAN TO CONTROL. I sure hope you do not stop eating PORK! It truly is the other white meat and oh so good on the grill, and smoked at the same time with the "dove" and "quail" from the patio. By the way, pen raised quail, like swine "a pen raise pig" are very clean and un-named.

  • The field I hunt is 90 miles from my house. The ones I feed in the backyard are waaaaaay to fat to fly that far.
  • Good, I feel better and no Pork, I still love and eat pork, probably because I don't feed any in my backyard.
  • And if you are having a bad week, and need to relieve some stress name them (employee's names) as they fly right before you shoot them. You would be amazed how good this can make you feel..........not that I have done it.
    My $0.02 worth.
    DJ The Balloonman
  • Now there's a thought! But, the limit is 15. What will I do then?
  • You could do a twofer and stick with Southern tradition. .ie sonny-paul, rita-ray. .would at least get you 30.
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