Cranky Friday

I'm having a bad day.

I listened to crickets chirp all night long because my son is lizardsitting a neighbor's lizard. The lizard's lunch (crickets) were singing all night, unaware of their doom this morning.

Our server has been infected AND has become constipated with huge influx of emails - right at the time I sent out our company newsletter and calendar. I have received over 200 error messages, about 100 virus emails (RE:details, RE:Thankyou, RE:Your application)and a multitude of phone calls from employees wanting to know why my email was blank. (Duh, are you stupid enough to send out a blank message?)

Tuesday is a shortened payroll day and with our server constipated (and no relief in sight) we are calling each department to fax in their timesheets and/or hand deliver them. Not a happy call.

My printer has decided to suck in 10 pages at a time and get stuck. (every time) This makes printing the newsletter (see two entries above) to send via courier a very difficult and maddening task.

My lunch date cancelled on me.

My travel mug of Starbuck's coffee fell off the roof of my car, into my passenger seat and splashed ALL over my raincoat, pants, and jacket.

**Sigh** I really don't want to know what else could happen. I'm glad it's a three day weekend.

How about you?



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