Company "Values" Statement

Anybody have a company values (not mission or goals) statement based on Q4 that I could have a look at? I've been tasked to write one and would love to have some examples to review. Thanks.


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  • I'll bite - what's Q4?

    In case it might help, our company values are -
    Honesty/truthful communication
    Growth/Continuous improvement
    Work at (company) and have a normal life
  • Without getting into trademark info it is a model of behavior that has 4 quadrants of identified types of behaviors. Specific Q4 behaviors include assertive/responsive model usually geared toward management personnel first and then passed down throughout a company.
  • The only experience that I have had with this. . .was a management team effort. We started with what we valued and that drove the development of the mission statement. I would get some input from other employees/co-workers.
  • We developed the following values with our management team during our strategic planning process. We list them in all job descriptions and communicate them to new staff.

    NEK-CAP has identified the following core values that it embodies in conducting all of its business.

    Respect: NEK-CAP respects co-workers and customers by actively listening without judgment, building on strengths, practicing confidentiality, and working as partners toward mutual goals.

    Teamwork: NEK-CAP seeks unity and commonality of purpose for all persons involved in the fight against poverty.

    Honesty: NEK-CAP demonstrates the highest standards of integrity and truthfulness.

    Commitment: NEK-CAP is committed to helping people change their lives.

    Responsibility: NEK-CAP accepts responsibility to demonstrate professional competence and positive leadership in all its activities.

    Accountability: NEK-CAP is accountable for achieving the highest quality, measurable outcomes for families, serving the best interests of the community, and demonstrating professional excellence.

    Cooperation: NEK-CAP will develop cooperation with all resources within the community to serve as circles of support for customers.

  • Our company's core values are:
    *People are our most important asset and we must recognize and respect the personal worth of every person.
    *Through the utilization of technology and innovation we will provide products and services that improve the quality of life.
    *We must make a reasonable profit.
    *We operate as responsible citizens of the environment and the general community we live in.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks to everyone, along with some other info I have picked up, you have given me some ideas to add to our values statement.
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