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I've searched, but haven't found this. Does anyone have an Emergency Action (Response, Restoration) Plan (or policy) specifically for the HR Department? We are working on a Plan for our company, and trying to think of all the variables that HR would deal with is driving me nuts! I would really appreciate some input on this. Example: what would your HR dept. handle to assist employees or other departments in the event of a major emergency such as hurricane, tornado, terrorist attack, etc. We are an electric distribution company, so we have lots of outside employees.

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  • Have you did a Goggle search and put in "Emergency Action Plans"? (or other similar terms) I often do this and have found that the majority of universities and public entities place their policies in the internet. While I may need to make some minor revisions, it helps me when I am stuck or do not want to start for scratch.
  • Thanks very much. Don't know why I didn't think to Google it.

  • We've got a sixty + page document that includes two evacuation plans (for three of our 350 buildings), an emergency action plan, and our general employee safety manual. I don't know how helpful it would be to you, as our "business" is providing low-income public housing. We have to know how to deal with our residents in an emergency, and how to guide our employees while they're on the job, but we don't address off the job emergent issues, and don't break down departmental responibilities. Our Accident Prevention Team, drawn from all the departments, would typically take the lead in an emergency.

    Also, our agency is a partner in the local VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Acting in Disaster). As this partner, we would provide resources such as generators and trucks and shelter, etc., but we haven't promised any manpower, really. You may want to look into joining your local VOAD and networking with them to see if they've got any emergency plans or templates already in place for your area.

  • Each of our locations is required to have a written emergency action plan, which includes disaster response. We are also required to have a written, published, filed Business Continuation Plan in the event of a major disaster or emergency shutdown. It's multi-faceted and lengthy.

    Human Resources is involved heavily in both since Safety is a hat worn in the department. One sheet of the plan shows simply which employees by title, name and department are responsible for what activity. It covers everything from who grabs fire extinguishers to who calls who in the event of a train derailment on the tracks nearby to who on what shift calls the corporate phone tree in the event of fatalities.

    I will attempt to email the Emergency Action Plan to you as a word document.
  • Linda,
    I'm new to this forum and happen to be working on this topic as well. I have something you may find useful (16 pages; too long to copy here)- if you can send me your email address I'll send it to you.

  • It may be easier to email me - [email]nivzix@yahoo.com[/email]
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