Attendance Policy with Paid Sick days

I didn't know if I should add to the "Open a can of worms" posting, since this is related to attendance policies, but that posting is gettng lengthy.

Our employees receive 10 paid sick days per year, use or lose at year end. They can be used in 15 minute increments for non-exempt. Exempt EE's use 1/2 day only if they are gone more that 4 hours, we have 7.5 hr. work days. This paid time can be used for doctor appointments, to care for ill child, spouse or parent. We do not require any documentation.

Many employees look at these days as an entitlement. Upper management does not want to pay for unused days at year end nor do they wish to switch to PTO.

My question is: If you have an attendance disciplinary policy, whether it be progressive or the points system; does it pertain to paid sick days? I'm not sure if I can develop an attendance policy for paid time off.

Thanks for your input.



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  • We do not have paid sick leave for hourly employees and, sick days, other than FMLA, do count in our no fault attendance points policy. We have an odd twist to it though. If an employee is out several consecutive work days for the same illness and produces an acceptable doctor's statement, he is charged only one point. But, in that same instance, without the doctor's statement, he would be charged one point for each day of absence.

    I can see how your employees would view your 'gift' as an entitlement since you require no documentation. That's a pretty lenient decision. I can't imagine people not using all of the days every year if you pay them. I would at minimum consider requiring documentation.
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