overnight travel time

I think I have this right, but the DOL regs are sometimes as clear as mud.

Hourly EE normally works M-F, 8hr shift.

He is flying out Sunday, will attend training classes M-F and then flies home Sunday.

Am I correct in that we do not have to pay for travel time on Sat/Sun? DOL states:

Travel Away from Home Community: Travel that keeps an employee away from home overnight is travel away from home. Travel away from home is clearly work time when it cuts across the employee's workday. The time is not only hours worked on regular working days during normal working hours but also during corresponding hours on nonworking days. As an enforcement policy the Division will not consider as work time that time spent in travel away from home outside of regular working hours as a passenger on an airplane, train, boat, bus, or automobile.

In one sentence it states it is worktime, but then the last sentence states it is not if he is a passenger.


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