Is employer required to pay non-exempt employee during training?

[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-16-07 AT 06:38AM (CST)[/font][br][br]I thought you might want to know. I called CA Labor dept. yesterday and we do NOT have to pay the employee for the classes taken outside of company time, even though we are paying for it. We would however if it was "required" for her position. It is "outside the scope of her job" so they said to pay for the class and have her thank us.

CA laws are so different, I don't want to assume anything. We have a non-exempt employee who wants to take a course at the local technical school which would benefit them as well as help the company. However, it isn't required for their job (or any job)and management isn't requiring it, just agreeing that they would pay for it. It is offered during working time, but since such a small office, we don't feel we can have her gone 2 days a weeks for about 12 weeks or so. It is also offered on weekends. If employee wants to take the course and we pay for it and they attend it outside of their scheduled work time, are we required in CA to pay this person for the hours that they are attending? (If so, then I am sure we would get into overtime, which could be prohibitative, so probably couldn't do it at all. I hate to see an employee who wants to do something and we want to help get tied up in the FLSA laws.)

E Wart
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