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We have always had all our employees fill out time sheets (hourly) including exempt employees. Most just write 8 hrs across the board, even though that's not what they actually worked. We are changing that at the end of year. But the payroll clerk would still like to use the same time sheets for all employees. Anybody have any suggestions on what language to write across the sheet (where you normally put in the hours). I know this seems simple/stupid, but I'm just curious what people's thoughts are. Maybe "exempt" or "as per law", etc. What do you do for exempt employees?


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  • We have attendance sheets for exempt employees. We just mark an "X" in the box if we work all day, a slash if we only work a half day. Our sheets also have a column for vacation and personal days. We mark an "X" in those boxes as well if we take a vacation or personal day. We don't mark down hours worked. It's more of an "attendance" sheet than a "time" sheet.
  • all of our emplouyees (exempt and non) fill out the same time slip for a 2 week period, accounting for vacation and sick time used.
  • HCA: Good morning from the great state of Mississippi; we use time cards and the same time clock for everyone. While we have the time card on everyone, we do not use the EXEMPT time card to calculate his/her weekly earnings, unless the individual post a "vac or sick day" on the card. From the record we accomplish any adjustment of the sick and vacation time from the bank of time already awarded and cut the weekly paycheck. The official record of time is one of those facts that we use in all of our Unemployment, EEOC, and W/C legal hearings. The time card is the record of time that the individual was in the work place during the concerned incident.

    Hope this helps!

  • Ditto with Pork except that we are bi-monthly instead of weekly.
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