New FLSA Regulations - Policy

We are a manufacturing company with 8 locations and about 210 employees. I am reviewing each position to determine exempt/non-exempt status. (There are only about 25-30 positions within the company.) I don't think it is hard to determine which are exempt, with the exception of a very few. However, some of the managers (and employees) are not going to be happy. We have some non-exempt who know they are non-exempt but are paid a 40 hour week each week without any "time cards", which I have never liked and hope to put an end to this (with some type of record keeping which may not be weekly time cards, but set schedule and time cards when work outside this schedule.) I am expecting some problems here. Any suggestions on how people will handle this type of situation.

Also does anyone have their "policy" established for the safe harbor and employee complaint mechanism. I want to get this distributed and posted. I want it at short and sweet as possible, but want to make sure it covers what it should. (Been to two training sessions, which were good. But since led by lawyers who wanted you to employ them, they said you needed policy, but didn't give you sample.)(I get tickled thinking about this. We now have to revise our "Overtime" policy and then we have to have another policy (or a section under this policy)
on how to handle complaints. Boy life gets complicated doesn't it.)

E Wart
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