Job Description Computer Program

In trying to get ready for the new FLSA, I need to "redo" our job descriptions (which have been done by about 15 different people at 40 different times.) I can write them "from scratch" if need be and have a few that were "professionally written". However, I want something quick and easy to help me get some type of consistency to what we have. In my other life, I have used Descriptions Right Now (or something like that) and it was ok. Just wondered if anyone else has suggestions on a program that could be purchased to get this completed quickly, accurately, and cheaply? (I know I will have to rewrite and throw in stuff and can do this. Just want a good base/format.) By the way, we are a manufacturing company. If so, what is it and where did you get it? If someone has one that they don't like, I would like that info too. Thanks,

E Wart


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