10 hour workdays - 8 hour paid holiday

[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-15-04 AT 04:58PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Your advice please - our policy states that we pay for 8 hours of holiday pay. However, we have a couple team members that work 10 hour days. What we have done in the past is pay them the 8 hours of holiday pay and give them the option of using paid time off for the other 2 hours.

What are the rest of you in this type of situation doing?


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  • We are a 24/7 operation so this may or may not help, but we do have some employees who work four 10-hour days. We quote all our benefit time (vac, holiday, sick, and personal) in hours rather than days. So if one of the ees mentioned above wants to take a holiday, they would use 10 hours.
  • When employees are scheduled to work 10 hours, we pay them 10 hours holiday, sick leave and vacation.
  • We focus on 40 hrs a week. The 10 hour folks get 4, 10 hr days and the 8 hour folks get 5, 8 hr days.
  • IN the public sector, our paid holidays equate to 8 hours but we do have non-exempt employee who work 9/80 and 4/40.

    When a holiday occurs on one of those secheduels, we do what you do. The holiday will cover 8 hours and the emplyee may use appropriate banked paid time or have the remaining hours go as unpaid.

    By the way, for exempts, the holiday is still 8 hours for timekeeping purposes, but there is an internal computer program that will allocate a special paid leave for exempts for this very purpose. It's just an internal mechanism, so in effect the exempt employee does get 10 hours paid for that day without using any of his or her accrued time. However, if the paid holiday is accrued because the exempt employee works on that day or it's a regular day off (e.g. a Monday on a 4/40), then only 8 hours will be put on the employee's time bank.
  • We too are a public sector - 24/7. Our police force work 12-hour shifts. If they work on a holiday they get double-time-and-a-half for all hours worked. If they are scheduled off, they get 8 hours holiday pay.

  • This is one that we have struggled with in our public sector environment. The unions continuously demand a greater holiday pay because they work a 40 hour week in 4 days (4/10s) vs the 40 hour week in 5 days (5/8s).

    We maintain that a holiday is paid at 8 hours for all full time employees regardless of their shift. This creates equity for all. All are scheduled at 2080 hours/yr and receive 88 holiday hours/yr.

    An employee on 4/10s can take 2 hours of vacation to complete their ten hour day or can short pay that day at 8 hours.
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