Terminated employee has oustanding credit card charges

We have an employee in Nebraska who resigned with one day's notice last week. The issue is, this employee had a company credit card assigned to her for her expenses. On her last statement, our accounting department noticed what appeared to be charges unrelated to company business. When they addressed this with her, she said that she would send the receipts for them the next day. The receipts never showed up. She was then asked again to provide documentation to back up the charges and she sent an email saying she would provide it. The next day, this employee resigned. We have now discovered there are an additional $800 in charges on her card that do not appear to be company expenses.

In NE, upon termination, the employee is due their last paycheck, the earlier of either the next payday or 2 weeks. Our next pay day is Friday, can we legally hold all of her paycheck if the employee cannot provide receipts for the charges? And what if the employee says the new charges were not hers, do we have to report them to the credit card company first as fraudulent and pay her the last paycheck, even though we have reasonable suspicion that she is the one who made the non'company related charges because of the previous month's charges that she admitted to? Help!


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