Fair Payroll Practice

My company is considered "contracted" providing MRI tech staffing to hospitals. We have our own payroll, policies, etc. We now have a member hospital who wishes us to adhere to the labor agreement between the hospital & their union, for our company staff working at their hospital site (We are kind of filling in the gaps of their staffing shortages). QUESTION: If we do this, which includes paying time & 1/2 for hours worked over 8 in a work day and 2x regular pay for any hours worked 4 hours before or after a regular shift, etc., and we do not do follow the same guidelines for our other staff who work at other member hospitals, do we run into any unfair labor practices?


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  • Fair Labor Practice means you're fair and consistent with employees. You must ensure you are not giving preferential treatment to any employees, however, after reading your message, it seems to me as though you are similar to a staffing agency. You staff a hospital here, and another hospital there. Yes, all your employees are equally qualified for the different jobs, but you can prove that you have a business reason that you pay the employees at XYZ hospital differently than you pay employees at the other hospitals. Just make sure all employees at XYZ Hospital all get paid the same, and all employees at the other locations get paid the same. Also make sure you can show how you selected which employees to work at each location, in otherwords, make sure you've used fair practices in hiring the employees for the different locations.
    The practices you've mentioned are find as long as you can prove a valid business reason
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