Wage and Hour

My floor supervisors are salaried exempt with overtime. they are paid OT if they work over nine in any day. Should they be paid OT if they work on a holiday?


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  • If they are salaried exempt, you are not required to pay overtime. The fact that your company does is an additional benefit. You would not be required to pay exempts overtime for working a holiday. However, because it's so awful to ask people to work holidays, companies usually pay 8 hours of straight pay and time and a half for any hours worked on the holiday, essentially giving anyone working double time and a half for the holiday. This is assuming that your business is not usually open on the holiday and people are called in for emergency work or they are part of a skeleton staff.

    If your business is open 24/7, people are usually paid time and a half for holiday work. If they are exempt, the comapny will usually give them another day off to compensate for working the holiday.

    With all that said...because they are salaried exempt, you do not have to pay them overtime for holiday work. It is up to you as to what you'd like to do for them.

    Margaret Morford
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