Annual Physicals of Fire Fighters

We are preparing to conduct annual health physicals of our Fire Fighters'. In our procrocess over the past few years, we have found that many hours are accumulated filling out paperwork in the doctors' office, so we chose to have our department handle the paperwork in house. This would have it ready when the Fire Fighter walks into the doctors' office. Since doing this, we have people complaining that they are being forced to hand over personal information to co-workers who are collecting the completed forms. These forms have general information about the individuals who fill them out, along with past medical history, including whether there is any conserns and or medications. Is there a specific process of handling these forms should go through, or is it fine to do the way we are? When they are collected they are in manilla envelopes, but not sealable, and collected and transfered by other Fire Fighters'.


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  • I think you have a privacy problem as well as an employee morale issue. Why don't you get the employee to fill out the paperwork and seal it in an envelope stamped and addressed to the doctor. Have the employee come by the office to check their name off your list and then have them drop it in your out going mail box or take it to the mailroom themselves. This would protect their privacy. I would put out a memo stressing that not only do you want to protect their privacy, but you do not want them to be stuck at the doctor's for an entire morning or afternoon.

    Hope that helps.

    Margaret Morford
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