call-backs as overtime

Does anyone have a "call-back" system in their facility? We are a small hospital and ambulance staff are sometimes needed to respond to calls when they are off duty, hence the wording "call-back". These employees are paid 1 1/2 times their rate of pay for 2hours for each call automatically, even if the call is only for 15 minutes (as it is an inconvenience for them on their time off). Would you consider these call-backs as worked time in the calculations of overtime for their regular time? Suggestions or facts are greatly appreciated.


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  • I have never heard of overtime being considered part of the normal accrual of regular work hours. If your hospital chooses to follow this practice you will most likely find that the workers will want to go home as soon as they have accumulated 40 hours, or the staffing office will claim that your overhead is too high and require you to send home your employees to eliminate further overtime. In either case, the hospital will be forced into more overtime call backs due to the vacant shifts, while still paying the overtime money for the call backs that origionaly caused the addition of work hours. The purpose of overtime is to compensate employees for working in excess of 40hrs, or 8hrs, or as in your case, for call in responses. 2 hour compensation is normal for positions of hourly EMS workers when called back for their work in Northeast Ohio. In addition to that, when they work in excess of 2 hours, they are still compensated at 1 1/2 times the rate of pay, but, they are still required to fullfill their normal shift work.
  • We have callback compensation in the Washington State employment merit system--3 hours at the basic salary rate. Callback payment is NOT included when figuring the "regular" rate for payment of overtime because it is considered a "penalty" payment.
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